3 Tools You Can Use To “Hack” Having An Astral Projection

Learning Astral Projection isn’t an easy task.  It takes an internal mastery, which doesn’t come naturally to most people.

This is why I believe the majority of people don’t understand it or believe in it. It’s also why it has been the stomping ground of mythical masters and psychics for generations.

But after a thousand or so Astral projections myself, here’s a few “Spiritual Hacks” you can use to help launch you into the non-physical planes faster.

Hack #1 Use an alarm clock

50% of the battle with Astral Travel is allowing your body to go to sleep while your mind stays awake. Each time your body falls into a sleep state our minds connection to the physical loosens. For most people this is also when our minds start to dream and aren’t consciously aware of the environment.  The goal of the Astral Traveller is to keep their mind awake while their body goes to sleep.

Meditation is one of the traditional ways of doing this.  But there is a faster, more convenient way of doing it.

Set your alarm clock to wake you up an hour before you would normally wake. Stay awake for 5- 15 minutes, then go back to sleep with the focus on having an Out of Body experience.

What this does is set up the conditions for you to move into the “mind awake body asleep” state much faster…

a)    Because your body will still be very relaxed

b)   Because your mind will be refreshed and aware.

Hack #2 Use Ear Plugs

It’s hard enough to shut down your internal chatter without having to worry about the neighbors slamming doors, or traffic noise ruining your smooth decent into the “mind awake body asleep” zone.

By chance I started using foam earplugs to shut out the external noise in my environment in the early days.  Instantly my Astral Travel success skyrocketed by 300%.

You can get foam earplugs for $3 from the local chemist. They are well worth the investment.

Hack #3 A light material T-shirt

If you are trying to leave your body during the day, then light is your enemy.   While I would suggest to the Astral newbie to practice when it is light (to save from the inevitable fear of things in the dark), the light also throws up another issue.

It’s hard to sleep!

Your brain will excrete a chemical that will try to wake you up as soon as it notices light pouring in through your eyelids. It doesn’t even need to be a bright light, just a little will start the process.

Once again this makes it hard for you project because you’re fighting your bodies natural responses.  Short circuit this phenomenon by wrapping your eyes with a dark coloured, light material garment (a T-shirt or singlet works well). This will block out the light, and boost your chances of projection.

What about using a sleeping mask you say?

I did this in the early days. While it did work, 50% of the time the pressure on my head from the sleeping masks elastic band caused my mind to keep a connection to my physical body (because I could feel it). This created a thought form of a mask that appeared with I was out of body, blinding me!

The light garment due to lack of pressure on the physical body doesn’t have this.

Astral Travel doesn’t need to be a mythical experience.  Use these three hacks to help boost you into the non-physical planes today.

What hacks do you use to explore the astral planes?