Astral Projection How To Guide

Astral Projection to most is in the realm of the mythical or considered sheer B.S- but for those who have the courage and the discipline to learn the art, it is a very real ability that all people have.  When you get started you will need an Astral Projection how to guide.

Once you have some direction it can take as little as few weeks to have your first controlled experience, as it was for myself. After that, the Astral Projection can take off and it can be common to be having “spiritual experiences” every few days. For me, that was back in 2005, and with focus it can stay consistant.

Over that time the methods I use have slightly changed, but the concept is still the same.

Astral Projection How To Guide

  1. Shut down all the EXTERNAL noise and distractions in your environment. I use earplugs, masks, air-conditioning, light clothing, and the quietest room in the house for this.
  2. Shut down all INTERNAL noise in your head. This is what mediation is all about, and is the hardest trick to master and why most never get there. You can do this by focusing on your breath or your heart beat as you relax. The noise of the outside world and your inside world is the barrier between you and your greater self.
  3. Put yourself into “trance”. With time you can simply embed a command to “wake up” when your body goes to sleep. You want your body to “fall to sleep” while your mind says “awake”. A simple way to do this is to let yourself sleep lightly, and then to remind yourself to wake up when you feel your body is deeply relaxed. Its like knowing you need to get up 30 minutes from the present while you have a power nap.
  4. Once you start seeing images in your head, ie you are dreaming, you are in the sweet spot and its time to remind yourself to get up. When you do this, ensure you don’t move your body and don’t wake up too fast. You need to trick your body, and to keep your mind close to a deep level of rest.
  5. If you cannot feel your body anymore, then move your arm ever so slightly to see if it moves out of this physical sheath. It should feel like static electricity if it does. If it doesn’t and your real arm moves, relax and go back to sleep for another 10 mins before trying it again.
  6. Once you find your arm moves out of its physical sheath, roll out of your body and walk into the lounge- you’re free!

It will take time and practice to master, but hopefully this Astral Projection how to guide will help you- it can be life changing once you know it can be done at will.

Practice – it’s worth it.