Binaural Tones, Brainwave Entraiment and Astral

Astral projection becomes increasingly popular among many people willing to experience something fantastic. The science of astral projection, let us name it like this, evolves and offers new experiences, possibilities, methods, and techniques for successful astral travels.

As the process of astral projection is closely related to the state of our brain, some new technologies are used to stimulate our brain frequencies and vibrations to the necessary level. The science discovered five main brain frequencies, while two of them are essential for an astral projection.

• Gama – High mental activity, consciousness, perception, problems solving.
• Beta – Active concentration, active anxious thinking, cognition, arousal.
• Alpha – Deep relaxation, pre-sleep and pre-wake drowsiness, light meditation.
• Theta – Deep meditation/relaxation, dreaming, REM sleep;
• Delta – No body awareness, deep dreamless sleeping.

Some studies discovered that the combination of Alpha and Theta frequencies is in charge when an astral projection is ongoing. Consequently, the point is to reach this exact brain activity using technology.
Normally, these frequencies are achieved during deep relaxation, sleeping, meditation, and contemplation.

The most popular way to achieve astral projection with technical support is by using the so-called binaural tones or binaural beats. Using them for lowering the brain frequencies is called brainwave entrainment. The sounds are generated and refined through usage of a cutting edge technology. While listening to some binaural beats you can experience a fast transformation from the normal, daily conscious brain activity to Alpha-Theta states of mind.

The fabulous effect of binaural tones has been discovered by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove in 19th Century, but it become popular in the late 20th Century, following the claims that they can help induce relaxation, meditation and other positive states of the mind. The important point is that the effects of the binaural beats on the brain depend on the different attitude in the frequencies of each tone. For instance, if you have 200 Hz in one ear and 210 in the other one, than the frequency of the binaural tone is 10 Hz.

The use of this brainwave entrainment includes high quality stereo headphones to reach the desired frequency. Tones are different for each ear in order to achieve a proper brain synchronization of both hemispheres. Binaural tones themselves are subtle sounds that will also affect the subconscious mind and stimulate your astral body.

It is clear that you should be first prepared before use of binaural beats. Some techniques of relaxation should be however done if you want a highest positive effect. Only a combination of these two factors will give you the desired, positive effects.

One can find many special astral projection “packages”, including CDs with recorded binaural tones. Different frequency levels are included. There are combinations of binaural tones for different kinds of astral projection in terms of time. Some include less some more time before the projection occurs. The time frame may last from 10 to 20 minutes or more. With this brainwave entrainment technology, it is quite possible to project via “shortcut”, or to “hack” the astral realm. However, the usage of these supporting tones doesn’t exclude practicing, meditations, and discipline. The technology works only if properly used.

You can still have unsuccessful astral projecting if you constantly listen to only one audio with the same waves, as some may not be good for you. If you constantly receive one type of binaural beats, i.e. the same frequency patterns, it may cause a lower sensibility of your brain. So, it is good to have different recordings with binaural tones. Also, you should read and learn about in order to find out what kind of tones are most acceptable for your brain.

Binaural beats and the support technology can be an amazing tool helping you to come closer to the fantastic ability of astral projection. It is especially helpful for those who experience difficulties with traditional methods.