20 Very Useful Astral Projection Tips

Here are some of the most important practical things you should know about astral projection. They are based upon experiences of many astral travelers. Remember and practice them. 1. Best time to practice astral projection is at the mornings. If you do it at night, you are usually tired from daily activities so you can fall asleep. When you become … Read More

Who Inhabits the Astral Realm?

The astral dimension is inhabited by a wide variety of beings. They can appear in a variety of illusory forms. Some of the less intelligent types are animalistic and predatory by nature, similar to animal and insect wildlife in the physical dimension. These not so intelligent, animalistic and negative types can be simply called Astral Wildlife. Although they come from … Read More

Is Astral Sex Possible?

The answer is YES. Very, very possible. Many astral projectors have sexual experiences in astral dimension as a result of some spontaneous intercourse or as a real-time sex with another projector (which is a topic for another article). The misunderstandings about astral sex are result of wrong concepts, lack of knowledge and experience. However, let us take a close view … Read More

Why is Proper Breathing so Important While Astral Projecting?

Proper breathing is the key element for achieving a state of deep relaxation. It is a “must do” state if you wish to reach the transitional state of vibration of your astral body after which its separation from your physical body happens. Numerous positive effects over the mind-body-soul system are caused by a deep, slow, and rhythmic breathing. We put … Read More

Raising Your Energy for A Successful Astral Projection

Unlike the classical energy level raising methods that include a direct stimulation of chakras, energetic channels, and Kundalini energy, we will here guide you to a new, alternative approach to stimulate your energy body that gives great results. The model is founded by Robert Bruce, who is considered one of the most respected authors on astral projection and related experience. … Read More