Most Common Mistakes Beginners Do With Astral Projection

Many beginners feel frustrated because they think they have been trying some astral projection attempts for a long time without having a real success. Reasons can be many (first rule: immediately change the technique!), but we selected the most common mistakes beginners make while trying to astral project. Keep in mind that these are not “mistakes” in the real sense of the word, but states that you can easily overcome.

1. Relaxation versus Body Asleep

These two aren’t a same situation. To successfully astral project, you need to reduce the magnetic pull to the state where your astral double can separate itself. The relaxation itself cannot lead you to the vibration level, because you still have a pulse of an awaken person. So, you need to asleep your body physically, but to keep your mind awaken. When your body sleeps, i.e. you when you are in the hypnogogic state, the magnetic pull will be reduced and everything will slow down. This is the point where you reach the fabulous “no thought” state and where vibrations start. Most of your primary chakras are in your head and chest area, so these parts of your body are last to separate. Don’t be confused and don’t try to astral project after the relaxation process. First reach the hypnogogic state, i.e. “Body asleep, Mind Awake”.

2. Impatience

You have no deadlines, so you are not to hurry anywhere. Keep in mind that an astral projection may take months (sometimes years) to accomplish. Also, don’t expect all your attempts to be successful. Your impatience will only make things worse, you will simply not properly perform the techniques, and you fail. Never ever give up and never ever doubt the possibility of astral projection. Repeat EVERYTHING from the beginning. And do it slowly. Astral projection needs discipline, dedication, and lots of patience. In one moment, it will certainly happen and you will see how it is all worth your efforts.

3. Trying during the night

Don’t try it before you go to sleep, because you will you will fall asleep in nine of ten attempts. You probably have had a long busy day, your body and mind are tired, so you can not expect to achieve the state of “body asleep, mind awake”. It is best to try it at the morning or earlier in the afternoon, or maybe to practice it during weekends, when you are rest and fresh. Make sure to use a proper technique.

4. Being Frightened

It is a normal state to feel some fear when facing some unknown reality. Are you afraid of death, or that someone or something will cut your silver cord, or that you may be “possessed” by some evil entity? Any of these fears will make you constantly thinking of them and will not let you have a success. Always face your fears before you start by analyzing them and finding their roots. Remember that nothing seriously dangerous can happen to you, as in astral realm you are in a total control of your acts. It is recommended to make your divine protection with the white and golden light, so to feel more confident and protected.

5. Your Inner Dialog

Are you constantly talking inside yourself saying things like “Perhaps this is not right?” or “Is this OK?” To reach the level where your astral body vibrates before it separates, you must have no thoughts. Try this: While you are relaxing, you should stop “talking” and just “listen”. Listen to your brain activity, without analyzing it. You can listen to the tinny ringing in your ears. You may focus on your Third eye. It will take some time till you master to get your thoughts out. If many thoughts “attack” you, do not fight them, simply let them go, and then gently re-focus yourself.