How To Increase Your Awareness, and Wake Up To Zen Each Day

Enter Dream Back Tracking…

Dream Back Tracking is a simple method of increasing your memory of the nonphysical states. In this case dreaming.

It will both help you remember your dream life, and help you to wake up in a centred “Zen-like” state each morning.

This reason that learning to “remember” your dreams is important is because one of the biggest challenges you will have when learning to Astral Travel is remembering the experience in the first place.

Dream Back Tracking will help you become more aware of your dream life, empowering your memory facility while you are in an Astral state, allowing you to bring more of its wisdom into your waking life.

It also has the distinct advantage of training you to “stay awake” as you make the journey from the non-physical planes to your physical body. Feeling your spirit body slip back into your physical body, like it’s just a costume, is an amazing experience to say the least.

Here’s how to do the Dream Back Track exercise:

  1. As you are waking up from sleep, keep your eyes closed and mind centred. Do NOT jump straight out of bed, or start thinking about what you are doing that  day. Slowly wake up, keeping your eyes closed and mind clear.
  2. Focus on what your last image or memory was from your dream.
  3. Once you can remember it, ask yourself “what came before that?”
  4. Once you have the memory of what came before that memory, repeat the process.
  5. Repeat this process to go as far back as possible into your dream memory to see just how much you can recover.
  6. Conduct this exercise every time you wake up to embed the habit.
  7. Write everything you can remember in a logbook to refer back to it later.

This process should take you no more than 5 minutes each morning, and will make waking up a much more pleasurable experience, as opposed to the creeping dread of opening your eyes and focusing directly on the task you feel is most important, and quite likely most stressful.
Commit to starting your day in a Zen-like state and give yourself the gift of the 5 minute Dream Back Track and the results will follow.