It’s Your Life. What Will it Be?

Is Astral Projection Real?

It’s Your Life. What Will it Be? Life is passing you by. What will you do. What will you be? Do the people around you need you? Does the world need you? Do you need you to be you? The answer is yes. But. What will you do. What will you be? There are no right or wrong answers. There … Read More

7 Unusual Ways in Which You Can Boost Employee Productivity

If you are a boss, you are probably breathless with anticipation by now. Sometimes the secret to boosting employee productivity is not in switching to a new online collaboration tool. Promotions and raises are effective solutions, but you can promote a worker only so many times a year or give only so much raise a time. What can you do … Read More

5 Ways You Can Work Less to Do More

You should work less to do more, and as oxymoronic as it sounds, it is true. Being busy is NOT being productive. We can do a sundry jobs and still not get anywhere near our goals. That’s because what we do is more important than how much we do. Unfortunately, in a world of skewed priorities and false notions about … Read More

7 Reasons Why Self-Love is Good for Your Aura

  Self-love gets a bad rap because as kids, we were taught that putting oneself first is not a nice thing to do. So we think self-love is selfishness. We think loving ourselves would make us narcissistic. Wrong! Self-love raises your aura and helps you become your best version. It lets you gift your best self to others, so you … Read More

7 Reasons Why You Should Fail Sometimes

  Some of us know how it feels to be labeled a “loser.” The looks of pity are scathing. The tone of condescension cuts you up. Being treated like a nobody hurts. Others know how society treats failures. So we all fear failure. We are terrified of failing. This is the reason we work multiple jobs and stretch ourselves too … Read More