Binaural Tones, Brainwave Entraiment and Astral

Astral projection becomes increasingly popular among many people willing to experience something fantastic. The science of astral projection, let us name it like this, evolves and offers new experiences, possibilities, methods, and techniques for successful astral travels. As the process of astral projection is closely related to the state of our brain, some new technologies are used to stimulate our … Read More

Entering the Trance State for Astral Projection

After you have attained a deep relaxation and your mind is calm, your body gets very heavy. This means that your brainwaves are changed from Beta to Alpha state. The Alpha state of brain frequency is the door into the required trance state. Nothing unusual or supernatural here. Your body has entered the hypnogogic sleep state while your mind is … Read More

Overcoming Astral Projection Fears

Nothing can paralyze human activities as fear does. This fundamental emotion, the fear, when strong, may block all functions of the brain, causing total blockage of the consciousness. Fear is the reason for many failures and this is why one old proverb comes to my mind, “Fear only of fear itself.” Robert Monroe considered the founder of the modern approach … Read More

Most Common Mistakes Beginners Do With Astral Projection

Many beginners feel frustrated because they think they have been trying some astral projection attempts for a long time without having a real success. Reasons can be many (first rule: immediately change the technique!), but we selected the most common mistakes beginners make while trying to astral project. Keep in mind that these are not “mistakes” in the real sense … Read More

20 Very Useful Astral Projection Tips

Here are some of the most important practical things you should know about astral projection. They are based upon experiences of many astral travelers. Remember and practice them. 1. Best time to practice astral projection is at the mornings. If you do it at night, you are usually tired from daily activities so you can fall asleep. When you become … Read More