How To Increase Your Awareness, and Wake Up To Zen Each Day

Enter Dream Back Tracking… Dream Back Tracking is a simple method of increasing your memory of the nonphysical states. In this case dreaming. It will both help you remember your dream life, and help you to wake up in a centred “Zen-like” state each morning. This reason that learning to “remember” your dreams is important is because one of the … Read More

Questions & Answers about Astral projection

Does time exist in the astral realm? The time in astral is extended and distorted. One day in the astral dimension can be one minute in the physical world. It also depends where in the astral realm you are in. The complete reality in the astral world is fluid. What is the best period of day to astral project? Usually … Read More

Lifestyle Design And Soul 2.0- Whats The Connection?

Lifestyle Design- (the term) was originally coined by Tim Ferris in his book “The Four Hour Work Week” back in 2006. If you haven’t heard of it before, the basics of it is designing a life that suits you while using uncommon rules to get you there. While this dream of freedom of lifestyle isn’t a new one. Tim approached … Read More

Astral Projection How To Guide

Astral Projection to most is in the realm of the mythical or considered sheer B.S- but for those who have the courage and the discipline to learn the art, it is a very real ability that all people have.  When you get started you will need an Astral Projection how to guide. Once you have some direction it can take … Read More

Astral Travel Experiences- The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Astral Travel experiences by default will blow your mind once you have one. I started them by accident when I was a child. I never knew WTF was going on, so I just figured they were just bad dreams. It wasn’t until 2005 that learnt how to do the process on purpose, my Astral Travel experiences it took off. Since … Read More