Questions & Answers about Astral projection

Does time exist in the astral realm?

The time in astral is extended and distorted. One day in the astral dimension can be one minute in the physical world. It also depends where in the astral realm you are in. The complete reality in the astral world is fluid.

What is the best period of day to astral project?

Usually in the morning, when you’re rest. If you try to project during the night, you will probably fall asleep. It can surely be done during each period of the day, but with more efforts.

How should I know that I am leaving my body?

It is a very specific and unmistakable sensation. You will feel yourself very lucid since your consciousness is expanding and limbs are rising. At the very moment of separation of your astral double, they are your limbs, not some “dead” flesh on your bed.

Can I meet people in the physical world during an astral projection? If yes, can I communicate with them?

Astral and physical bodies have different dimensional vibrations, which is the reason why you can’t see “ghosts” or humans who are in astral. Some people are able to project near the physical world’s vibration rate and they can be seen, but in very rare cases and usually unintentional.

How the communication occurs in the astral?

You communicate with your own language. There is something described by Robert Monroe described as rote. It is a kind of thought ball — it doesn’t matter what language you use since all communication is done telepathically.

How clear are visions in the astral dimension?

The astral plane is equally clear as the physical plane. The higher the level, the more clear and brilliant vision. Lower levels are darker.

How do I look in astral plane?

You will certainly see yourself lying on the bed, but what you really see is our etheric body. You will see the astral counterpart of what is in the physical realm. Your astral body is the best possible appearance of you. It is forever young. If you are an invalid, your astral body is perfectly health.

Can I see the aura of another person?

Yes, you can. Spiritually evolved astral projectors can see auras in astral. They may also “read” the aura colors and their meaning, but it is another discipline.

How do dead people look like in astral? Can I touch them?

Physically dead persons have many appearances. If you enter their frequencies they usually look younger than they were when they died. You can touch them and this can be a very warm experience.

Is there a difference between a living person and a ghost without a body?

Not always, because you are both in the same space and you are actually both kind of “ghosts”.
Since we can see the past, present and future, isn’t everything already pre-destined? Are we only puppets?

You are gifted by the Creator with free will. Your future will be as you make it. Your own destiny is ultimate, but how you deal with that destiny is up to you. It’s not about what is done or said to you, but it’s how you react. Imagine your life is a blank sheet of paper and how you live with your free will is what colors that paper. We are free beings, not puppets and what has been done to us is neither good nor bad, just neutral.

Can you touch or change a material object in the astral realm?

All things may be changed, but whether they will be changed in the physical world depends on how close your vibrations are to the physical world. In astral world, things exist because of your thoughts. How long something remains there depends on how much you think about it. This is why some beginners are surprised to see, for example, furniture in their houses that is not their own. Also, it is proven that some electric objects can be affected from astral plane.

There are many astral worlds. How do they look like?

Better use the word “levels” than “worlds”. They are separated by different vibrations, so the higher the vibration, the finer the frequency, the finer layers. If you go “above” astral you will enter the mental plane/dimension and so forth. Some levels are not visual at all as they are just pure knowledge, i.e. higher levels of consciousness.