Raising Your Energy for A Successful Astral Projection

Unlike the classical energy level raising methods that include a direct stimulation of chakras, energetic channels, and Kundalini energy, we will here guide you to a new, alternative approach to stimulate your energy body that gives great results. The model is founded by Robert Bruce, who is considered one of the most respected authors on astral projection and related experience.

He generally divides the energy body into few connected and interdependent energetic circuits. Based on his experiments, observations, and reasoning, he uses a new terminology, descriptions, and definitions in order to deal more effectively with the very nature of the energy body, avoiding being mysteriously esoteric or overly technical.

His method includes five tactile imaging actions required for a successful stimulation of your energetic body. It is applied to primary or secondary energy centers, i.e. main and smaller chakras, throughout the energy network of the body. He recommends that with this method you should hold your awareness very close, “inside your skin” on the area being worked on.

Here are all five energy rising awareness actions/steps Bruce has developed:

1. Stirring. Move your focus of awareness in a clockwise circle through your skin. This action can be compared with stirring the focused area with a finger of one of your invincible “awareness hands”. The size of the stirring action varies depending on the size of the energy center/area being stimulated. The process can be also done counterclockwise in case you prefer it. Feel free experiment with this.

2. Brushing. Move the point of your awareness, i.e. your focus back and forth through the skin of the stimulated area, as if you are brushing it with a paint brush. The time frame for this awareness “brush” may vary until it give some results.

3. Wrapping. This step includes moving your focus of awareness AROUND the particular area, like you are wrapping the area into some imagined bandage around it. Repeat this again and again until you feel a free flow of energy inside and around the stimulated area.

4. Tearing. Use your “awareness hands” in this action of tearing. Imagine the stimulated area as you are holding a small cake on the skin or under it. Next, you should feel your imagined hands tearing it in many parts. Repeat it over and over. The time frame of this action is like with previous ones. This action stimulates the primary energy centers of your energetic body, but it can be used to stimulate other ones as well.

5. Sponging. Finally, visualize your imagined hands of awareness holding a huge sponge sponging energy (like water) upwards through the focused/stimulated area. It is called “basic whole-of-limb-action”. It needs to sponge the energy up just one side of the limb. The action is primarily used for raising your energy through the whole limb or body area. Use it strictly used for energy raising purpose. The feeling of a successful action is as if you are, for instance, raising your energy through a leg; you will feel as the whole leg has been “sponged”.

You can do it everywhere and anytime
To have a success with these energy and awareness raising actions , it is crucial to feel your point of body awareness moving through your physical body, while stimulating your energetic body as it causes energetic stimulation within it. Imagine the whole process in a way that your actions cause a kind of Ripple Wave Effect.

This alternate system of raising the energy level of your energy body does not require deep relaxation or a big deal of preparation. It is however not recommended for beginners. Once you adopted the technique, you will be able to raise your energy at any time and everywhere: when you travel, walk, work, talk, watch TV, etc. It is highly useful for your regular life.

Use light relaxation. Bruce recommends sitting in a comfortable chair with your legs straight and in front of you and definitely with bare feet, placing a pillow or cushion under them. You should sit cross-legged as for meditation, because this position will make your awareness targets and learning process more difficult to focus on. We have no reason not to believe Robert Bruce.