The 4 Biggest Obstacles You Have When Learning Astral Travel

Once you have decided to learn how to astral travel, or have an out of body experience, you will inevitably be faced with a series of challenges along your path to mastery.

It will force you to grow, and to take control of your mind and body. It will be as much of journey of personal development as one of the spirit- in fact I see all personal development as spiritual development now days- the two cannot be separated.

With that in mind, here are the biggest obstacles you will face in the early stages of astral travel.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

This is the first challenge you need to over come. Both religious and societal conditioning embeds in us ideas that things such as astral projection, cannot or should not be done. This will affect you- since if deep down you believe something’s not possible (or wrong) it will create internal conflict and resistance in moving towards it.

Overcoming Fear of the unknown

Once you have gone beyond your limiting beliefs, the next challenge you will encounter is one of fear. Fear is in fact the source of many limiting beliefs both personally and in society as a whole. Limiting beliefs are the logical part of irrational fears. Once we are on the precipice of the unknown, (in this case astral travel) fear will raise its ugly head as the need to avoid pain or suffering kicks in. Since you will be alone in this journey, you will need to face these fears an overcome them yourself. It’s both a chance for you to grow personally and overcome the illusions, which bind us.

Quieting of the Mind

You minds constant chatter seems to create a mental noise barrier between the greater reality and us. To break free of our physical bodies we need to quiet the mind and go deep within ourselves to awake on the other side. This quieting of the noise is not easy. It takes discipline, focus and emotional control.

Mastery of Survival Instincts

Survival instincts penetrate every part of our human experience without us thinking about it. In fact with our survival instinct conditioning we would not consider ourselves to be human. Just about everything we do in life is based on the survival and replication of our species- from working, to family life- even religion at its fundamental (since it is about you “surviving after death”-funny that).
Once you hit the non-physical planes, you will see just how much of this survival programming you have (since much of your experience will be clouded by your beliefs). You will need to master fear, lust, prejudice, ignorance and more. With time they will be replaced with growth, love, acceptance, and curiosity. It is the progress of transforming the animalistic side of our nature, into the spiritual side- a clearing out of the dense and immature part of our being to be replaced with the lighter wiser part of our being.

Most don’t realize the depth and scope of what Astral Travel will teach them about themselves when they start. Many believe it would just be a cool thing to be able to do, or to gain some special power that others don’t. With time you will realize it has nothing to do with that, the only power worth developing is power over yourself not others. Astral travel will walk you down a path of spiritual transformation. This guides you towards becoming a better person in life and the after life. Love, growth and experience are the final destination.