Hitch a Ride with an Astral Traveler to the Other Side.

Experience the Impossible. Experience the Journey.

Do you have the feeling there is more to life than what we can see?

That you are capable of so much more… but you don’t know what?

Is every day blurring together… the same thing over and over?

Are you questioning “is this all there is”? Well, there is another way.

There is a secret locked inside of you that nobody is talking about.

A secret so important that the “powers that be” have quietly swept it under the rug for millennia.

It’s the key to unlocking your potential and showing you the truth behind your being.

Isn’t it time you changed the rules?

Inside this true story you will find…

  • Real life Astral Travel memoirs strewn over two decades; so you know what to expect, how to handle it, and how the intricate web of the spiritual weaves quietly through our lives. Honest and upfront.
  • How to break free from life’s rules and do the impossible using the secret art of Astral Projection (Step by step method and real life hacks included)
  • A snap shot guide to the afterlife; energy backpacking for the new millennium. Slingshot yourself to heaven and beyond. Do what science says you can’t. No B.S included.
  • The inside story on the insidious hidden forces manipulating your every move.
  • How to have a mini-enlightenment and hack higher consciousness. Who has 9 years to sit under a tree these days?
  • How to pick the lock on life’s biggest questions. Get the keys to the universe and find the truths nobody seems to have answers for.

This book is made for you if…

  • You want an honest and insiders view of what its like to go from spiritual blindness to traveling into the spiritual dimensions everyday.
  • You are interested in learning more about what you’ll experience in the afterlife and beyond.
  • You want a clearer understanding on how the spirit world interacts with the physical world, and how it guides us.
  • More clarity on what its like to work with your higher self directly.
  • What experiences you may encounter and how this affects your life.
  • You want a simple and actionable method to learn Astral Travel which has worked for this non guru.
  • You want to know how real lessons learnt from spiritual masters on the other side can be used to make your experience better, in love, life, and beyond.

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