20 Very Useful Astral Projection Tips

Here are some of the most important practical things you should know about astral projection. They are based upon experiences of many astral travelers. Remember and practice them.

1. Best time to practice astral projection is at the mornings. If you do it at night, you are usually tired from daily activities so you can fall asleep. When you become an experienced astral traveler, you can do it every time you like.

2. Always know what you want to do, where you want to go or whom you want to meet before you astral project.

3. Before astral projecting, do your protection measures: imagine yourself encircled by white or golden light, similar like to be in a bubble. The white and golden light will give you divine protection and nobody can penetrate it.

4. As a preparation process for astral protection, work on developing your inner energy system, i.e. chakras; learn about them and meditate visualizing each one blooming.

5. Remove all jewelry, wrist watches and similar before astral projection. Wear light clothe.
6. Choose a technique that is most suitable. In the beginning, some of the techniques may not work for you. Try another one till you find the one that works for you.

7. Never allow fear to overwhelm you. Whatever happens, keep your mind calm and stay in control of your thoughts, emotions, and acts. Fear is opposite to love. If you are under pressure of fear, there is a bigger possibility to visit the lower astral. If you rise your vibrations of unconditional love, you will visit higher astral where amazing worlds, sights, and beings exist.

8. Make sure nothing to disturb you while attempting to perform astral travel. Even a week outside noise may disturb you and cause a failed attempt.

9. You cannot perform astral projection with daylight around; darken your room, but still keep it from being a total darkness.

10. Read books and other materials on astral traveling. A personal experience of an experienced traveler may help you to learn many useful things about this phenomenon.

11. Understand that astral plane fulfills desires and phantasies — everything you wish may become reality while you are there, so be careful what you wish.

12. When you achieve your first astral projection, stay in the room for the first 10 minutes in order to learn to command you astral body flying; after that, explore your neighborhood; do not take long distances immediately.

13. Use strong mental commands when you want to achieve something in the astral plane. For example, “Go to the Moon” or “To Moon, now!” In a matter of second you will be there.

14. Also, make sure you say very precise commands. If you, for instance, say, “I want to travel in the past, in my childhood” it is not enough; you have to ask for specific period/date, or event.

15. When you are in astral realm, you cannot communicate with people in the physical world. The vibrational level of these two dimensions is different. It, however, may happen in very rare occasions, when a person from the physical world has some “paranormal” abilities.

16. You can travel everywhere, to different planets, worlds, galaxies, etc. Your power of desire may create new worlds for you.

17. You cannot change the past or the future. Do not interfere with Creator’s will.
18. Remember that there is no real danger. If you are faced with some unpleasant event or inhabitant of the astral plane you can immediately return to your physical body.

19. After some time, your astral guide (or guides) will appear. First make sure it is the real guide — you will just feel it. Be very grateful to your guide, show deepest respect and obey his recommendations and teachings.

20. You have your free will to do everything you like, but you are responsible for your acts. Never misuse your astral projection ability for purposes that are not positive. One day you may become a guide to somebody else, so as astral dimension may give you its best, you should also give your best.