Is the Real Enemy to Your “Enlightenment”, Life’s Increasing Distractions?

Is the real enemy to your “enlightenment”, life’s increasing distractions?

Are you noticing that life has a crazy amount of distractions now days?

Smart phones, email, Facebook, Netflix, Spotify.

If you aren’t being mentally stimulated for more than 2 mins, are you feeling like reaching for your phone or checking the internet?

Yeh, me too.

  • Standing around. Better check my phone.
  • Stopped at traffic light. Better check my phone.
  • Waiting for dinner to cook. Better check my email.
  • Going to bed. Better check Facebook.


No wonder why grandma (who still doesn’t have a mobile phone) gets frustrated at dinner time with the lack of conversation (better check “me” phone!)

I know it might sound stupid, but could there be something more serious afoot?

Could the very mental traits you need to take back your natural spiritual abilities be under threat?

The same traits which could allow you to “awaken” and really see that you are a spirit in a body, and give you back the freedom which comes with that knowledge?

The answer is yes.

Distraction dissolves your power in many ways.

It spreads your focus, so it cannot provide your thoughts with the concentrated energy it needs to create conscious change in your life.
It keeps you focused here on the material world instead of focused on your inner world.

This is not only bad for creating a life you really want in this reality, but also stops you from being able to develop your spiritual abilities here to free yourself from this level of reality/consciousness when you pass into over into death.

So that the hell is going on?

Well look… I can’t say for sure if there is some “grand conspiracy” to make the entire planet’s ability to focus one’s consciousness about as long as a Vine video ( 6 seconds ).

But I can tell you this, if now days you are thinking that a 5 min video is too long, and that 1 min videos is as long as they should be- I think some serious meditation work is going to be out of the picture.

“OMG, this video is like 4 mins long, I’m so bored are already”.

“How about we meditate on our breath for 1hr?”

= Not likely.

The ability to control your focus is the first step towards you taking back your power.

On a spiritual level you need to become a master of focus to be able to control your mind/consciousness and direct where it goes.

Much of the challenges that people have when learning skills like Astral Travel simply come down to their lack of ability to control their focus for long periods of time.

But the good news is that focus can be trained, just as it can be untrained (which is happening now in our society).

On a physical level you need to become a master of focus to simply get anything done in the world of any significant value to you.

Focus (goal) + Energy (action) = Change in reality (attainment of goal).

Without focus, you have your energy being directed towards what other people want and not what you want. I’m not talking about kids or family here, I’m talking about things like cars, bikes and expensive handbags.

Am I saying I want to live the bush with no clothes and live on grubs to avoid buying stuff? Hell no, I like expensive handbags as much as the next bloke. But, what I am saying is that if you don’t focus and use your energy well, someone or something will use that energy for you for their purposes.

So use your focus and energy wisely.

Could there be a conspiracy?

Well, if I was going to get all David Icke or Russell Brand on the the subject, there could definitely be a possibility.

The reason for this is that for a couple thousand years now the main religions have had a vested interest in being the goto person to get to “God” or “Heaven” and all that good “power over man soul and their nations” rigmarole.

If each of us started experiencing ourselves as spirits who could leave our physical bodies and travel to these other dimensions which these religions call “heavens” without their help- where would this leave them?

A bit up shit creek without any followers I’m guessing (with about 3 Billion people a bit pissed off).

So waking up the masses is not in the interest of an institution who say they have the only key (when in fact we all have our own key and it’s nothing to do with them).

Am I saying religion is 100% bad? No. There’s good and bad in everything. It’s just being aware of where deeper interests may hide.

Corporations and big money players?

Well those guys don’t really want you to wake up either.


Well if you do, you’ll probably decide to work less, buy less, and focus on your spiritual development- and that’s bad for business. Like real bad.

Being focused on the material world is good. You buy lots and you keep working hard to keep buying more stuff since most of your pleasure is only gained through physical means.

Am I saying you should quit your job and become a monk?

No. But thinking life is only about material things and material pleasure could get you a bit stuck in the 9-5 slave job lifestyle. Just sayin.

What’s the more grounded reason?

Well if you asked me what the more David Attenborough, or Charles Darwin version of this challenge we have is; it would be simply this….

We’re getting high off our own supply. We’ve made so many cool toys for ourselves we have literally distracted ourselves retarded.

Look at me. I’m writing a blog post to retard you even more.

(Pass me the distraction pipe, I’m going another round.)

Cough, cough.

But seriously. Distraction is a scourge that we all have been conditioned for and we need to train ourselves out of.

So how do we go about taking back our focus power?

Well here’s the thing.

You’re going to get distracted throughout the day.

It’s how life is right now.

So unless you’re going to throw everything you have out, and go live in an Amish settlement somewhere you are going to have to learn to deal with it.

Here’s a simple practical way I do it.

I simple choose 2 times of the day that nobody is going to distract me and I don’t have anything to look at.

the first 10-30 mins after I wake (yes I mean staying in bed)
the last 10- 30 mins before I go to sleep.

And I choose those two times to focus on focusing. Hmm that’s a weird sentence.

Anyway, when you choose those 2 times they are meant to be times that you are naturally going to be in bed (eyes close and thoughts not on the physical world- unless you’re stressed out).

This keeps your focus away from the fear or obligation based emotions we live in and you should get some “you time”.

If you need to “rush to get ready” before work. Set up an alarm to wake you 10 mins early and give yourself that time to just focus.

What do I focus on during this exercise?

Personally I like to focus on one of two things, my breath or heart beat.

I simply relax look into the back of my eyelids and bask in keeping my mind focused on one of those two things.

When invariably my mind runs away to some other thought, I bring it back again. You know, just like all the mediation guys say. For me I keep it that simple.

Oh and it gives me some more time in bed= sweet.

There are other exercises you can do to facilitate an Astral projection or other cool third eye stuff, but that’s a post for another day.

So take back your power, put Facebook down and get excited about living in the outside and inside world again.