7 Reasons Why You Should Fail Sometimes

  Some of us know how it feels to be labeled a “loser.” The looks of pity are scathing. The tone of condescension cuts you up. Being treated like a nobody hurts. Others know how society treats failures. So we all fear failure. We are terrified of failing. This is the reason we work multiple jobs and stretch ourselves too … Read More

Life: Authentic Self Sound Not a Merry-Go-Round

Every day we are closer to death. It is the truth we can’t deny. So, why are we afraid of our true and authentic self when we don’t know how many days of our lives are left for us to live? Embracing the Route of Your Truth Our rambling thoughts become the parts of our internal dialogues which fill the … Read More

Lifestyle Design And Soul 2.0- Whats The Connection?

Lifestyle Design- (the term) was originally coined by Tim Ferris in his book “The Four Hour Work Week” back in 2006. If you haven’t heard of it before, the basics of it is designing a life that suits you while using uncommon rules to get you there. While this dream of freedom of lifestyle isn’t a new one. Tim approached … Read More