Trance State: A Simple Method for Deep Meditation.

Trance State

Trance state. A simple method to achieve it.  [Heads up Santhosh]

As you may know; when dealing with different (or deeper) states of awareness we must be able to allow ourselves to disconnect with the physical.

This can be done with meditation, or a “trance state”.

A “trance state” is a phrase used to describe a deeper level of consciousness.

There are many methods to attain this. Some drawn out and complicated, such as the stereotypical Shamans dancing and beating drums for 2 days. Some less so, and more realistically applied to the modern world.

I’m going to assume the later is more suitable to you.

The goal of the trance state is to allow the mind to disconnect with the physical.

The mind’s “letting go” of all things to do with the physical is key for a trance state. While there are variations of this (as gifted clairvoyants can have connections with higher states without the need for a complete disconnection of physical), it’s much simpler for the average person to let go of physical sensation to a high degree.

The reason why this is important,is for us to achieve an awareness of perception beyond our physical selves.

This opens you up to observing and receiving information beyond the physical.

Once this happens, access to knowledge (both profound and also not so) from non-physical sources become available.

This leads to greater understanding of self, and that of the beyond.

My simple method for Trance State.


  • Reach your mind and heart as far as you can into the galaxy; connecting with the divine.
  • Imagine white light falling down around you, burning away any negative energy.
  • Breath in the white light into your body, filling all of your cells, breath out any brown or dark negative/stagnant energy.
  • Repeat this until your energy body runs clear with white or golden light.
  • Imagine the white light around you turns into a tornado collecting any remaining negative energy. Scoop it up and sear the last parts before sending away into the sky.
  • Allow white light to fall down around you again. Filling you with energy.


  • Breath in the white light into your body, filling all of your cells, push it into your head and into your heart.
  • Draw energy up through your feet and out the top of your head.
  • Breath in the white light into your heart and form a ball of energy there. With each breath in fill the ball with more energy, and simultaneously expand it outwards until it forms a ball which surrounds your body completely.
  • Reinforce this ball with energy until you feel it’s strong and complete

Focus and Let go:

  • Meditate on the breath. 10 mins.
  • Mediate on your heart. 1o mins.
  • Do this until you lose sensation of the physical world.


  • Sit back, relax as though you are waiting for a movie to start in a darkened movie theatre and what for the images.
  • Take note of any images or visions without judging them. Just relax and observe.
  • Send out happiness and love from the heart, and ask questions also with that energy.
  • See what images or feelings you get in return.

Hacks to Improve Your Trance State.

Timing Hack.

Use timing to your advantage. Wake up 2 hours before your normal waking time and do your meditation at this point. Your mind will be rested but your body will be very relaxed. This will allow your mind to disconnect with the physical world faster since you have just came out of a dream state.

In my experience this alone will help you attain a deeper state of consciousness 400% easier than doing it later in the day.

De-stress Hack.

Stress is your enemy in regards to disconnecting with the physical experience. Stress is a low level fear response. This fear response stimulates the mind and body creating an attachment to the physical plane. To allow your mind to become aware of states outside of the physical, one must let go of the physical aspects of self to focus on that which is beyond it.

Stress keeps our minds attached to the goings on in the physical plane. This can be via physical responses in the body, such as the physical sensations of stress. It can also be from our minds fixations with the perceived issues that are the causes of our stress, such as work, relationships etc.

By reducing your worries, even for a brief period you make it easier for your mind to detach from life and focus beyond the physical for a while.

Hence non- attachment is key.

Sunshine and water Hack.

Getting enough Sunshine and being out in nature helps one greatly in reducing stress and allowing for deeper trance.

Spending time in nature and getting direct sunlight will help you rest better, and become more relaxed. This is key to a deeper trance state more quickly.

Obviously do not spend so much time in the suns as to harm yourself in anyway ( such as sunburn) as this will have the opposite effect of creating pain in the body and drawing your mind’s attention to it.

Water also cleanses. Swimming the sun during the day is a great combination. Especially salt water.

Diet Hack.

While I’m not a strict diet person, I have dabbled in many diets to date. Everything from Ketogenic, to high fat, to Vegetarian, and Fruitarian.

One of the interesting things I did notice was that by eating a diet with no meat, my spiritual awareness did increase for those periods. Lots of Astral Travel (and easier), strong memories of all dreams etc.

While when I ate a diet full of meat, the opposite happened.

Attaining a trance state in itself has the same fundamentals each time. Relax, focus, observation. The way in which we achieve it can become personal as we make the method our own.

Trance state itself I see as a deep level of meditation. And as with all mediation, it can be useful for the mind, body, and soul.

A healthy habit to develop as part of your spiritual development.

Let me know in the comments what methods of trance or meditation work for you.