The Real (But Secret) Reasons You May Be Struggling to Astral Project.

If you are struggling to have your first Astral Projection (or simply regular ones), you are not alone.

The most common complaint I hear is

“I can’t seem to leave my body, I just lay there and stay awake, or I just fall to sleep. What can I do about it?”

While you’ll probably see a lot of the same (or similar) answers on the internet about how to solve this issue, here are few that not many people are talking about.

I have been through many seasons in my years of Astral Traveling. Along the way I noticed how much my physical life could profoundly affect my astral experiences.

You see many beginners feel that having an “experience” is just something that only happens over an hour or two.

That the idea is that you only need to commit to the Astral Projection state for just the time that you are trying to have one i.e when you are laying down to focus on it.

When in fact after careful reflection on when I was at my most “Astrally active” vs “least Astrally active” I noticed an interesting pattern that transitioned beyond that.

One of the most compelling things I saw was that our modern lives “NEGATE” our ability to experience the spiritual worlds effectively.

Whether this is by design, or accident who’s to say. But it’s an interesting observation none the less.

So what are some of the real (but secret) reasons you are struggling to Astral Project?

1# You’re not sleeping enough.

At one point in my life my main focus was spiritual development. Astral Projection was much of my focus during this time since it was like a whole new world had been opened up to me.

A few years later I was back to building a business, and trying to develop my physical life as well as my spiritual life.

This came to a cumulation when I got a contract wherein I was needing to commit to a 9 to 5 job.

It was something I hadn’t done for a very long time, since I was used to working from home.

While it turned out to be fantastic for my physical life. It was disastrous for my Astral Projection ability.

The first thing I noticed was I wasn’t getting enough sleep.

On Top of that I wasn’t getting enough sleep at the right time.

If you have read any of my books, you will notice I’m a big proponent of Astral Traveling first thing in the morning. Basically wake up for a short time and then have a “sleep in” with the focus on Astral Projection.

This fast tracks the trance state and moves you right to the juicy bit in the shortest period of time.

Well having to get up early each day with no sleep in time, threw that right out of the window.

Being able to sleep in, or have afternoon naps on a regular basis is paramount to being able to Astral Project on a consistent basis.


2# You are too focused on the physical life.

During this time I did manage to have the odd Astral Projection experience.

While out and talking to my guides I asked them “ Why am I having so much trouble Astral Travelling right now?”

They simply turned to me and said “ You’re too focus on the physical right now”.

This I feel is a big challenge for most people, since we are always focused on the physical world without realising it.

Especially for people who are;

  1. Busy
  2. Stuck with the idea that the material world is the only or “real” world.

If you are struggling to have Astral Projections you may find that you are “too attached” to the physical world, which keeps your mind stuck here.

The way to beat this is to;

  • Spend more time in reflection or “day dreaming”. Your imagination can be a window to the universe.
  • Try to simplify your life. Take on less things to do. Be ok with doing nothing. Let go of your need to engage with life as much and become more non-attached to it.
  • Avoid the drama of life. It’s distraction to keep the monkey mind entertained but going no where.

This leads to the next point.

3# You are too distracted.

Distraction is enemy of progress.

As you probably already know, one of the key elements of meditation is the ability to focus.

When you aim for the “mind awake body asleep state” and go into a trance you are using the same philosophy.

“Focus. Relax. Focus. Be aware. Focus. Relax. Observe. Focus.”

Now here is the thing. Social media is teaching us to have the focus of the gold fish.

“15 sec post. Next. 15 sec video. Next. 20 seconds reading. 5 second Funny cat meme. Next.”

Our brains are being taught to expect an instant “hit” of excitement within 10 seconds or we are going to look for something else to replace it.

Is this a conspiracy to make everyone mindless zombies, or simply just an enhanced drawing out of our natural programming I can’t say.

But this is something to be aware of, and opposite of what you need to be able to train yourself for.

Simply wake up when you find you are getting distracted by unmeaningful things and get back to being focused on the things that do matter.

4# You don’t have enough spiritual energy stored in your tank.

If you want powerful Astral Projections you really need to do energy work.

Energy work is a big subject and too much for me to discuss in depth in this post, but in short do it.

Energy work helps you to control and store energy in your consciousness which allows you to stay aware in “non- conscious” states.

It seems that your light body has the ability to store energy and use it in the out of body state.

While that might be common knowledge to some, when you put it in practice it can have a profound effect on your awareness.

The more energy work and storing you do, the more of your non-physical senses you will activate.

If you are already able to Astral Project and you don’t do energy work, add this and it will supercharge your abilities.

Some simple methods to add energy work to your routine is this:

  • Do it while you are relaxing, such as watching TV etc
  • Do it while you are exercising (if you get good at it you can do it while you are running).
  • Take up a sport that energy work is a part of it such as Tai Chi or Yoga.

If you are struggling to project, add this and it might allow you to get to the next level faster.

You can find my favourite energy work routines on my blog and in my books.

#5 Your lifestyle is lowering your vibration.

Look I like to drink beer and have a good time as much as the next guy, but it could be hindering your ability to Astral Travel.

Here’s the issue: The more elements you have in your life that keep your senses attached to this physical reality, the harder it’s going to be for you to break free of it.
I’ve experienced both a simple, vice free, stress free, vegetarian life and a busy, stressful, party lifestyle.

The simple, vegetarian life, allowed me to have super powerful astral projections.

The busy work and party life, drained my energy and made it very hard to stay awake and aware in the non physical states.

Do you have to live like a monk to have Astral Projections? No.

But will it make it easier? Yes.

Just like learning to ride a bike, once you learn the routine of Astral Travel you will be able to repeat it unconsciously.

It will be hardest at the start. Then easier later.

If you are having trouble, try to live a simpler higher vibration lifestyle and see how it goes.

If you like beer too much. Try all the other strategies first.

#6 Live your life with more love, more compassion and less stress!

One of the things you will notice on your journey is that love is an actual energy.

As in one that is like radiation, or a radio wave. It’s a tangible energy you can feel in the non-physical states that you can project to others and they to you.

The higher your love energy, the higher your vibration. The higher levels are very organised, and full of love and the lower ones are chaotic and very dark.

You can feel fear at the low levels, and, love in the high ones.

Something I noticed is that the more loving and compassionate I was, the more my energy was attracted to these higher levels in the non physical state.

I also noticed that the more stressed I was, that simply the harder it was for me to be awake in the non-physical states.

In this way the standard daily “spiritual focuses”:

  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Forgiveness
  • Patience
  • Persistence
  • Acceptance (Non- Judgment)

Really do affect your ability to travel in the spiritual dimensions, since these focuses affect the quality of your energy bodies vibration.

What this means is that if your energy body has a “light” vibration, it will be easier for you to escape the magnetism of the physical reality upon exit.

  • Low energy= no awareness.
  • High energy= high awareness.
  • Low vibration= attracted to lower dimensions
  • High vibration= attracted to higher dimensions.

By practicing, love, compassion, forgiveness, happiness, and a care free lifestyle we enable ourselves to naturally lighten our spirit.

Does this mean that if you have a busy, stressful, high responsible lifestyle (like I do) you’re screwed?


But you will have to ( like I do ) try to be become “light and nimble” in spirit ( I write about this in Spiritual Destiny) to navigate our modern lifestyle and not lose sight of the bigger picture.

By doing this you will condition yourself to live a good life even under today stresses.

Have I got this perfected? Hell no.

Does it make it easier? Yes.

In Summary.

Your daily life has a far greater effect on your ability to astral project than you may realise.
This I feel is our greatest challenge to break through the illusion that there is only one reality that we live in.

By practicing the traditional aspects of spirituality each day (love, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, growth, patience, persistence) we increase our ability to astral travel by lightening our energy body.

Does this mean you should only do those things so you can experience Astral projection? No.

Compassion, Acceptance and Forgiveness is hard to start but it makes you feel alot better in the long run as you heal.

In short. Make your life simpler, happier, stress free and boost your Astral abilities instantly.