How to Become a Real Life Doctor Strange.

Doctor Strange Spell

Doctor Strange, Marvel’s sorcerer supreme. Is there a way to become like him?

With Marvels upcoming movie release, the question begs to be asked.

Is it possible to become a real life Doctor Strange?

Doctor Strange is a fictional character that appeared in Marvels comic line up in 1963 in “Strange Tales”.

The story goes Dr Stephen Strange was a surgeon who had a car accident, who learns secret knowledge from the “ancient one” to become the “sorcerer supreme”.

Once this happens he becomes a kick ass superhero to be reckoned with.

As you may already know, he is loaded with esoteric “sorcerer” powers.

Doctor Strange has abilities ranging from Astral Projection to..

  • Thought projection
  • Energy projection
  • Inter-dimensional travel
  • Energy manipulation
  • Teleport
  • Telekinesis
  • Time travel
  • And more

Doctor Strange Earth 161

Pitching for Marvel’s upcoming movie aside. An interesting question to ask when you see characters like this is…

“What are you really capable of?”

What are we really capable of as humans?

Any of you who have had the odd Astral Projection experience or an interest in the subject might know where I’m heading with this.

Those of you who have spent quite a bit of time on the Astral Plane are probably checking off the points on the list above with vigour.

And those who are left are probably thinking, “ Doctor Strange makes for a good comic, but that’s about all that’s on that list that we are capable of”.

No matter where you stand right now. I’ve been in each of those frames of mind, so I get it.

But suffice to say, I think we still have alot to learn about the human potential.

Either way, it makes for some fun questions.

Doctor Strange vs The Human Potential. What are you really Capable Of?

In this post we are going to look at 5 of Doctor Strange’s abilities and discuss what the possibility is of you having that ability.

Yes, you may not know you have those abilities, and yes every single one of these are not credible in science eyes as of yet.

But that doesn’t mean such a thing isn’t possible. Nor that there isn’t the potential lying dormant inside of you. We still have a lot to learn about ourselves and the universe. That’s something I think we can all agree upon.

Oh and yes, this is just my opinion (for all you skeptics, or energy wielding, time travelling, telekinesis buffs).

Let’s have some fun shall we?

Doctor Strange Ability 1# Astral Projection

The first and foremost skill to discuss is Astral Projection. Astral Projection is the ability for your consciousness to leave your physical body and travel freely. It is also the “gateway” to all the other powers on this list.

While the skeptics say there isn’t any credible evidence to prove this is possible, Astral Projection has been a “thing” in spiritual and religious circles for thousands of years.

Look at any 80’s movie about the spiritually enlightened and you will see Astral Projection in there somewhere.

Every year there are thousands of reports of Astral Projections, remote viewing, and near death experiences.

In fact up until the 1980’s the US government backed a program called “The Stargate Project” in an effort to use the skill for military missions.

“ The Stargate Project[1] was the code name for a U.S. Army unit established in 1978 at Fort Meade, Maryland, by the Defense Intelligence Agency and SRI International(a California contractor) to investigate the potential for psychic phenomena in military and domestic applications. This primarily involved remote viewing, the purported ability to psychically “see” events, sites, or information from a great distance.[2] “ Source Wikipedia ( the home of all evidence of covert government info)

While they agreed that Astral Projection/remote viewing/out of body was a skill that did exist, apparently they shut it down because the information they got back was too unreliable.

I guess they didn’t have Doctor Strange on their team back then.

Sorry Skip!

The Independent in the UK reported on a Study by Dr Sam Parnia ( an assistant professor at the State University of New York and a former research fellow at the University of Southampton) of 2,060 patients from 15 hospitals in the UK, US and Austria showed that almost 40% of them reported some sort of awareness after they were “clinically dead”.

Weird huh?

Well not really (for me anyway).

But for every study you find on it, there will be a thousand more from skeptics that say it’s not real. But then again, science has never had a great ability to measure things like the soul.

Astral Projection and Out of Body Experience has an underground following with hundreds of thousands of people believing they have the ability to do so ( you may be one of them).

I personally have had thousands of Astral projection and out of body experiences, so for me- I think this skill is a legit human ability.

Doctor Strange Vs Human Potential = Draw (though he is a bit more kick ass at it than most I’d say).

Human Potential Probability: 100% (yes that’s biased lol)

Doctor Strange Ability 2# Energy Projection

Energy Projection is the next super power of the rank. Energy projection is the ability to project and manipulate energy in different ways.

Whether its chakra and meridian manipulation or healing, energy work of some kind is not a new thing.

In the movies you see energy balls being thrown around as weapons. Where in real life energy it’s used mostly for healing (like Reiki) and travelling non-physically (Astral Projection)

You will occasionally see the odd guy on Youtube with “Chi powers” throwing what looks like “willing” students around a room, or getting their ass kicked by an MMA fighter. But this doesn’t give too much credence to humans having the ability to do high powered energy projection like Doctor Strange does.

Is there any science to back it? Well not really (like most of the points on this list). But that doesn’t me it doesn’t exist.

According to Collective Evolution…

“Konstantin Korotkov, Professor of Computer Science and Biophysics at Saint-Petersburg Federal University of Informational Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, developed a scientific device based on the ancient Chinese system of energy meridians.”

In short, a Russian scientist created a machine that measures your energy body and Aura. It’s always the Russians doing cool things like this huh?

Doctor Strange Energy


So what does the Doctor Strange vs Human potential ability look like on this one?

Chi power for some healing and non-physical travel. Most probably.
Chi power for kicking people’s asses? Probably not.

Doctor Strange Vs Human Potential = Doctor Strange

Human Potential Probability:

100% for very subtle energy manipulation.
1% for high powered energy manipulation.

Doctor Strange Ability 3# Inter-dimensional Travel

Inter-dimensional travel. Yes it is a thing.

Well it’s definitely a thing, if you are travelling without your physical body. Travelling with your physical body, well… that’s a different story.

Once you learn to travel without your physical body, you get access to a HUGE amount of dimensions. In fact is makes this physical universe look like a pin prick. Most of the action happens away from the physical world we spend our waking hours in.

As for inter-dimensional travel in your physical body? Well I think science has a while to go before we are getting to that point (unless aliens or someone steps in lol).

Science has theorised (via Superstring M Theory) that there are 11 dimensions.

Doctor Strange has the ability to travel inter-dimensionally while still in physical form. Whereas it seems our physical bodies have limits which keep “what’s physical dimension in the physical dimension” at this point.

Doctor Strange interdimensional


So what does that mean for our Doctor Strange vs Human potential test?

Well until we get some ninja inter-dimensional technology, or learn some secret spells like Doctor Strange knows, we are keeping our physical bodies in this dimension.

As for travelling to other dimensions while travelling without your body- well that’s a huge possibility.

One up Doctor Strange on this one.

Doctor Strange Vs Human Potential = Doctor Strange

Human Potential Probability:

100% within your Astral Projection or non physical state.
000000.1% within your physical body (unless aided by alien technology)

Doctor Strange Ability 4# Time Travel

If you believe that Inter-dimensional Travel is possible while in an Out of Body state, then Time Travel won’t be too much of a reach.

Yes. It is possible for you to explore other times in physical history while in an out of body state. Science and the skeptics will scream B.S over this, but once you get through the first part (Astral Projection) a whole lot of secret knowledge like this opens up to you.

Science at this point in time does validate the idea that time travel is possible in the physical. But this is only possible at this point (in current understanding) if a “time travel” portal is opened now, then at any time in the future someone can travel back in time as far as the time the portal was opened.

Once again this is a physical time travel where physical rules apply.

Time Travel Doctor Strange


Doctor Strange has the ability to time travel within the physical realms. Whereas without technology the closest we have is time travel ( if you have the skill) while in an Astral Projection state.

So once again, Doctor Strange is one up here on us (at this point in our history anyway).

Doctor Strange Vs Human Potential = Doctor Strange

Human Potential Probability:

100% within your Astral Projection or non physical state (but you need to be REALLY good).
000.1% within your physical body (unless aided by alien technology)

Doctor Strange Ability 5# Telekinesis

Telekinesis. The ability to move physical objects with your mind.

This is probably the ultimate superhero power. But do we as humans have the potential to do such a thing?

Nina Kulagina was a famous Russian psychic whose main claim to fame was that she had the ability to move physical objects with her mind. Her feats were allegedly filmed under control circumstances by the Soviet Union Military. But as usual skeptics dispute its authenticity.


You’ll find 100 videos on Youtube showing people moving things with their mind. You will also find another 1000 skeptics disputing it (which is understandable).

Like every other power on this list the “scientific evidence” for it is lacklustre. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

I personally haven’t seen any telekinesis. But with myself having experienced things that are meant to be impossible- how can I make a solid argument that you or anyone else doesn’t have this ability?

Doctor Strange has the ability to move physical object with his mind (or by spells) in the physical.

But what’s the likelihood that we as humans had this ability?

It’s possible.

But if it does exist, it’s probably a rare thing. Very rare for anything even close to moving more than a paper clip. But if you are one of these people and you know it- I’d love to hear from you.

So is in this case Doctor Strange’s powers trump us again.

Does this mean we can’t develop ourselves to be like this? No. But the probability at this point is probably low.

Doctor Strange Vs Human Potential = Doctor Strange

Human Potential Probability:

0.1% within your physical body
0.1% within your Astral or non physical body

Doctor Strange Vs Human Potential Summary.

So yes. It seems on the surface that Doctor Strange could kick our ass. But did we expect anything less?

If anything, this post was to remind you that while you may not be Doctor Strange or another super hero, we all have hidden natural abilities that science or the main stream does not recognise yet.

You have more potential than you think. You have more potential than you may believe. And that potential is worth the time for you to learn and explore it. It could be the biggest secret that has been hidden from you and the rest of mankind in our recent history.

How would the world change if everyone in the world woke up and suddenly knew they were more than their physical bodies and they had the ability to control their destiny?

There would be a revolution that’s what.

Do you have the ability to become Doctor Strange? I’m not sure. But I do know this. You are alot closer to him than you probably think.

Keep an open mind, and explore it.