Is Astral Sex Possible?

The answer is YES. Very, very possible. Many astral projectors have sexual experiences in astral dimension as a result of some spontaneous intercourse or as a real-time sex with another projector (which is a topic for another article). The misunderstandings about astral sex are result of wrong concepts, lack of knowledge and experience. However, let us take a close view on this controversial issue.

Who can be your astral sex partner? Well, as in real life, it can be anybody with whom you share attraction and deep desire to exchange sexual energy. According to many authors, it is best when your astral lover is your personal guide, guardian or teaching spirit. With them, the trust is on highest level, love can also be included as a strong motivator, while in the same time you will be able to learn about his/her consciousness through astral sex. A very exciting experience.

An astral sexual encounter can be exactly as the physical sexual act, but you need to know that best astral sex is not happening the same way as physical reality sex does. It is essential to realize that it is a melding of inner energetic system, i.e. chakras. Well, let us say without exaggeration that the climax of an astral sexual experience can make physical sex looks like a childish game. Astral sex is far more exciting, intense and superior.

You should also know that having sexual relation (and love) with some astral being is not dirty, sinful or evil. It is a bona fide specific spiritual experience as well. So, knowing the truth behind about astral sex experience makes it a good opportunity for most different people to live a sexually satisfied, spiritual, and happy life, without rigid bonds, demanded by religions. Yes, astral sex is a matter of personal freedom.

Furthermore, it is very probable that your astral partner will be someone with whom you have been in relation during some of your past lives. As in most cases such person is in spirit appearance (while you are in your physical shape), there should be no feeling of guilt, even if you are presently in a happy relationship. Simply, astral sex doesn’t follow physical reality habits. Actually, it is quite possible your astral sexual partner to encourage you to have physical relationships. He or she may even help you to find the right partner for you. Your astral lover will do everything in his/her powers to help you have a happy and fulfilling life.

Here are some good advices to help you with your astral sexual partner. When you feel somebody can be your astral mate, spend some time in a courtship period — having common time, hugs, and kisses – generally getting reacquainted. You may travel to other worlds with him/her before you get involved in a deeper relationship. Also, ask him/her to be with you on your travels, so you will be in situation to learn more about the personality through reactions to different situations.

When the time come to express your joy, attraction or love in other ways than just hugging and kissing, remember not to expect your astral sex to be like physical sex. It’s different and you have to ready and open for many pleasurable surprises and unknown feelings and sensations. If it is your first time in astral, allow you partner to guide you. He or she will be gentle and guide you into astral passions with love.

What we are explaining here are only basics of what you can expect. In fact, there is no real way to express the beauty and tremendous power of an astral sex act. In case you want to go further, inside higher states of astral sex consciousness, make a consultation with your astral partner and do it together.

Remember: astral sex is not a betrayal of your physical partner. It will surely enhance your physical sex enjoyment. Also, if you have no physical sex partner, astral sex may satisfy your needs and keep you balanced. And much more – astral sex will profoundly enrich your spiritual dimension, preparing you for higher realms. Enjoy.