Astral Travel Experiences- The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Astral Travel experiences by default will blow your mind once you have one.

I started them by accident when I was a child. I never knew WTF was going on, so I just figured they were just bad dreams. It wasn’t until 2005 that learnt how to do the process on purpose, my Astral Travel experiences it took off. Since then I’ve racked up over 1000 Astral Travel experiences, and it’s become a normal part of my life. For me, it would be weird living in a world where I didn’t know for a fact I was a spirit living in a body.

Once you have done the astral rounds you will understand that, just like our earth experience- Astral Travel experiences will have “The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly”.

Here are a few of my real life Astral Travel Experiences my book The Journey

Astral Travel Experiences…

The Good

“You never forget it when it happens… and it will happen… to you, to me, to everybody. It’s the process. It’s a secret locked away in our programming, waiting to be awoken.

Time slows, the light changes, and the air becomes viscous like water. You buzz with electricity when the separation occurs.

Fear, excitement, and then exhilaration overwhelm you, as soak up every millisecond of it. It’s real…it’s all bloody… real!

You turn around to see your sleeping body lying on the bed. You don’t need that where you’re going.

The atmosphere dances and shimmers around you. This is meant to be impossible, you’re not meant to be here.

You smile, tilt your head… and launch yourself into the sky. In a blur of speed, clouds embrace you.

The once held beliefs, games, and fears of the world no longer sway you. You’ll never see life the same way again.

You’ve experienced you, the real you, the divine you.

You’ve awoken… And you’ve got “m@ther F^&^in” superpowers.”

The Bad

“ “Wake… me… up…” It was pointless; my body was out for the count. There was more life in a rock formation.
Helplessly I stared at the bubble-like texture of the ceiling.
I knew I was in the land of death, I knew that now. I was in a place where I wasn’t meant to be. It was the ultimate unknown. I was beyond the veil, on the other side.
Hollywood and religious conditioning invaded my thoughts, reminding me I was alone, or even worse—that I would be dealing with devils, tricksters, demons, or Hell’s spawn.
I knew I was ill prepared and alone. And I was in a very real sense facing what death was itself.
Slowly an image appeared above me, bubbling out of the ceiling.
“Shhhhiiiiiiiiitt!” Fear gripped me like a seizure. This was the last thing I wanted to see right now.
Like a liquid shadow, the figure hovered like a cloud above me… it was fear made manifest.
Looking like a witch doctor having a bad hair day, the strange being wore a beaked mask with a lining of feathers. I didn’t want to look at it, but I had no choice; my eyes were locked open.
The worst case was about to become real as my new feathery friend decide to float down to have a closer look at me.
“Great, I can’t shut my eyes, and now it wants to give me a close-up of its ugly mug. Get away from me!…. Shhiiitt!” I thought, acting like a five-year-old losing a game of kiss chasey.
Slowly it floated down towards me…”

The Ugly

“ “Step back!” one of them chimed as a humanoid figure appeared from the darkness. About 6ft tall and hissing like a rabid cat, a hellish looking creature appeared. Even better, it had brought some buddies along.
Great, I’ve had 10 seconds of training and now I get to fight creatures from hell. I quickly armed myself with my finger gun.
The dark beings were ugly buggers, but had a distinct human feel. Like somewhere in there was a human, there just wasn’t much left of one.
Their heads looked similar to the aliens from the movie Alien. They were black, and had no eyes or face whatsoever. It reminded me of a bald human with rabies, minus the eyes, nose, or ears. Just a set of pissed off gnashing teeth.
One of the girls fired off a shot.
“Conform!” Crack! A light similar to a camera flash lit up the room, sending one of the creatures flailing backwards.
“Confirm!” Crack! The other guide let loose with a zapping energy bolt.
It was time for me to get into the party. I created the triangle and pointed towards the closest baddy.
With a smooth motion, I rotated my hands, drawing energy through my crown chakra and feet.
My fingers tingle with electricity as I feel the triangle shape charge in my hands.
“Conform!” I yell, pressing the energy through my chest.
Crack! My new heart bursts a flash of light, nailing a baldy bad man.
It wasn’t quite like Thor’s hammer, but it worked.”

Though most of what you just read might have looked like science fiction movie, I assure you those astral travel experiences are real ones. While it might look crazy, once you have unlocked the spirit inside of you- you will see just what’s possible.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the astral planes are filled with “the good, the bad and the ugly”, but just like in life- its not what’s there that defines you, its how you deal with it.

Take the jump and learn Astral Travel- it will blow your mind.

Read more about my Astral Project Experiences in my book “The Journey” here.