How to Become a Real Life Doctor Strange.

Doctor Strange Spell

Doctor Strange, Marvel’s sorcerer supreme. Is there a way to become like him? With Marvels upcoming movie release, the question begs to be asked. Is it possible to become a real life Doctor Strange? Doctor Strange is a fictional character that appeared in Marvels comic line up in 1963 in “Strange Tales”. The story goes Dr Stephen Strange was a … Read More

Trance State: A Simple Method for Deep Meditation.

Trance State

Trance state. A simple method to achieve it.  [Heads up Santhosh] As you may know; when dealing with different (or deeper) states of awareness we must be able to allow ourselves to disconnect with the physical. This can be done with meditation, or a “trance state”. A “trance state” is a phrase used to describe a deeper level of consciousness. … Read More

Is the Real Enemy to Your “Enlightenment”, Life’s Increasing Distractions?

Is the real enemy to your “enlightenment”, life’s increasing distractions? Are you noticing that life has a crazy amount of distractions now days? Smart phones, email, Facebook, Netflix, Spotify. If you aren’t being mentally stimulated for more than 2 mins, are you feeling like reaching for your phone or checking the internet? Yeh, me too. Standing around. Better check my phone. … Read More