Are Astral Projection or Out of Body Experiences Real?

Is Astral Projection Real?

“Are Astral Projection or Out of Body Experiences Real?”

If you are asking that question then that’s a good thing.

It means you are open to finding answer, and that your mind is not closed yet.

Most people seek answers to questions like this because somewhere deep inside they know there has to be more to life than what we can see.

So we search, with both curiosity and sometimes even fear to find possible answers or insights.

Unsurprisingly the idea that we are “more than our physical bodies” and that we might actually be able to “live on” without one is a very emotional subject.

Such an emotional one that our biggest institutions aka religion have enforced on the world that they are the only ones with the answers on the subject, and to go beyond them is wrong somehow.

Ironically at the opposite end of Religion- Materialism (under the guise of science) also breeds skepticism at the idea that we can live without our physical bodies. Science I love. Materialism not so much.

  • Religion wants control of your soul.

  • Materialism wants you to believe you don’t have one.

Hmm interesting that.

“Are Astral Projection or Out of Body Experiences Real?”

If you search the internet for it, you will usually simply find a heap of people arguing about the subject.

The reality is you won’t really find an answer there, just a lot of people trying to convince each other with religion, experiences, or scientific studies they have read.

The only way for you to know if it is real or not is to learn it, do it and master it… then decide for yourself.

Skeptic or not, this is the best way.

Consider this: What’s it going to cost you to try it for yourself?

Money: well somewhere between free and a couple hundred bucks (depending on the product you find or how difficult you want to make it for yourself).

Time: an hour or two a day over about 30 days of consistent effort is a good realistic period. Most people waste more time watching brain dead TV ( including the “rational” people amongst us).

Fear: Yup whether you are a skeptic, religious, on the fence, or an everyday Fox Mulder you at some point on this journey will encounter and have to overcome fear. This is the real reason most do not try to learn it.

Consider this: What if it is real? Then what?

A huge shit storm of WTF!!? Happens- that’s what.

  • Oh you CAN live without your physical body?
  • Oh there is a life after death?
  • Oh the biggest mysteries in the world are answerable and not just from religion?
  • Oh damn you’re not just a consuming machine to be judged by your looks and money?
  • Oh you might have far more power than most people in control would like you to believe you have?
  • Oh man, you’ve got super powers- what the hell else has been hidden from you and the rest of the world all this time?

Uh oh. Game changer. For you, and society as more find out.

And for what cost?

A few bucks and a little less TV, vs the possibility that you are far more than what you are being told.

Are Astral Projection or Out of Body Experiences Real?

Learn it for yourself. Become good at it. Then decide what’s what. There is no other way.