Is the Real Enemy to Your “Enlightenment”, Life’s Increasing Distractions?

Is the real enemy to your “enlightenment”, life’s increasing distractions? Are you noticing that life has a crazy amount of distractions now days? Smart phones, email, Facebook, Netflix, Spotify. If you aren’t being mentally stimulated for more than 2 mins, are you feeling like reaching for your phone or checking the internet? Yeh, me too. Standing around. Better check my phone. … Read More

5 Ways You Can Work Less to Do More

You should work less to do more, and as oxymoronic as it sounds, it is true. Being busy is NOT being productive. We can do a sundry jobs and still not get anywhere near our goals. That’s because what we do is more important than how much we do. Unfortunately, in a world of skewed priorities and false notions about … Read More

7 Reasons Why You Should Fail Sometimes

  Some of us know how it feels to be labeled a “loser.” The looks of pity are scathing. The tone of condescension cuts you up. Being treated like a nobody hurts. Others know how society treats failures. So we all fear failure. We are terrified of failing. This is the reason we work multiple jobs and stretch ourselves too … Read More

Life: Authentic Self Sound Not a Merry-Go-Round

Every day we are closer to death. It is the truth we can’t deny. So, why are we afraid of our true and authentic self when we don’t know how many days of our lives are left for us to live? Embracing the Route of Your Truth Our rambling thoughts become the parts of our internal dialogues which fill the … Read More

Break Free of Survival and Start Living.

Whether we like it or not, most of us are stuck in a struggle to survive. It consumes us each day. In the western world this is the much-dreaded 9-5 job. In the not so lucky countries (aka developing countries) it’s the duty of fetching food and water to live. Our bodies have basic needs, which need to be fulfilled … Read More