The Law of Attraction and Getting out of Your Own Way to Unleash Your Life’s Potential

Sometimes in life you need to “get out of your own way”.

The small you. The fearful you.

Will always seek to take the safe route.

  • The route that’s most comfortable.
  • The route you are used to. How your life has always been.
  • The route that you have been bred to believe in.
  • You know the one that keeps you where you are now.

But here’s the thing.

The big you.

The superconscious you, rarely wants you to stick to what you know or what you are used to.

It wants you to open your mind. Believe in the impossible, and do things you wouldn’t normally do.


Because the things you truly desire are not within your awareness right now. They are outside of it. They are in a place of potential waiting to be born.

A part of you knows they exist. Your intuition. Your inspiration. Your higher self.

But these inspirations you see as dreams, as wishes, as desires, as things which are not real, are real possibilities.

Possibilities for you. They are waiting to be born. Waiting for you to create them.

Your superconscious knows this. Which is why it’ sent you the signal. Sent you the reminder.

That feeling, of amazement, of joy, of inspiration.

That feeling you get in your heart when you start with the phrase…

“wouldn’t it be amazing if….. !”

Thats the signal of inspired possibility. Of wonder. Of Joy.

These are the communications of the spirit. Both a guidance from it and a prod to take action.

To inspire your mind and heart to create with them. For you take action here on the physical, to manifest your hearts desires.

The co-creation with yourself and your higher self. With you and the Divine.

It is inspired action. Thoughts manifested. Desires created.

You are going to have to do new things. Become aware of synchronicities. To see opportunities and get outside of your comfort zone when it’s called for.

The universe will open doors for you. You just need the awareness to see them, the courage to walk through them, and the willingness to adjust to them.

You become a channel for action. A leader for your own hopes. A mystic creator, projecting your best into the world.

  • Dreams are more than mind noise.
  • Imagination is more than flights of fancy.
  • These are worlds of possibility. Of hope. Of inspiration from your soul calling you out and challenging you into a world of the impossible.

But why?

Why is this important?

In awareness

To wake you up. To help you realise you are far more important, loved, and powerful than you may have been led to believe.

In spirit:

To challenge you to grow your spiritual gifts. To become your higher self on earth. A growing expression of your best traits, your evolving self, your most connected and powerful you.

In life:

To reward you with that which you desire. An outward expression of how you have grown on the inside. To live through the journey of imagination, to be, and be becoming. The realisation that you are a co-creator of the universe and a much loved piece of the many.

The divine lives through you, and is a reflection of your experience.

So what do you need to do to “Get out of your own way” and live a life on a higher level?

Getting out of your own way step by step plan.

Become Inspired: Spend time dreaming, imagining, remembering what “lights you up” again.
Set a specific Intention: What makes you feel really excited when you think about it? How can you serve the world with what inspires you?

Write it down: Commit it to paper and look at it every day. This remind you that it’s important and it will move your conscious every towards it.

Put your awareness on high alert: Keep an eye out for opportunities that come out of the blue.

Help your chances: Plan and put yourself in places where people and things like you are wanting to happen are most likely to. Take action and spend time with those who know.

Take notes: Keep track of your journey. Many intentions can take a little while to become a reality.

Be grateful each day: It reminds you to be in love with life now, and excited about your future.

Have the courage to expand who you are: to become the person who is or has the things you want. You have to grow, to have experiences you have never had.

Remember your life is a journey: You are travelling and your desire or intention is just a milestone on your path. Start walking. Keep your intention and walk boldly towards your intention each day.

Not all paths are easy. Not all paths are short. But all paths are worth experiencing.

Your life can be a rich one full of experience and abundance.

Or it can be a safe one. Full of repetition, regret and “could have beens”.

Which one will you choose?

Be inspired. Be open to intuition. Look for synchronicity. And have the courage take action and get out of your own way when doors open.