Spirituality, a Definition in 2016 and Beyond.

Spirituality, a Definition in 2016 and Beyond. Spirituality by Definition seems to be quite a vague subject, and rightly so. Spirituality is not a tangible object that can be seen nor touched. Neither is it the rituals or ceremonies that accompany the numerous spiritual beliefs or dogmas. It’s simply an idea. And idea that can be unique and diverse as … Read More

7 Unusual Ways in Which You Can Boost Employee Productivity

If you are a boss, you are probably breathless with anticipation by now. Sometimes the secret to boosting employee productivity is not in switching to a new online collaboration tool. Promotions and raises are effective solutions, but you can promote a worker only so many times a year or give only so much raise a time. What can you do … Read More

How To Increase Your Awareness, and Wake Up To Zen Each Day

Enter Dream Back Tracking… Dream Back Tracking is a simple method of increasing your memory of the nonphysical states. In this case dreaming. It will both help you remember your dream life, and help you to wake up in a centred “Zen-like” state each morning. This reason that learning to “remember” your dreams is important is because one of the … Read More