7 Reasons Why Self-Love is Good for Your Aura


Self-love gets a bad rap because as kids, we were taught that putting oneself first is not a nice thing to do. So we think self-love is selfishness. We think loving ourselves would make us narcissistic. Wrong!

Self-love raises your aura and helps you become your best version. It lets you gift your best self to others, so you can spread joy and cheer and be an inspiration to those around you. Self-love recalibrates you and turns you into a bundle of positive, magnetic energy that attracts abundance in your life.

Here’s how self-love raises your aura:

1. Self-love aligns you with the will of the Universe.

If you feel unloved and unsupported, then you have not felt the love of the Universe.

The Universe—the Divine One, your Higher Self, the Cosmos, or whatever else you choose to call it—loves you unconditionally and abundantly. It is a benevolent and an infinitely wise being, and it wants you to fulfill your dreams. It watches over you because it believes in your goodness.

The happy coincidences, the serendipitous events that opened up opportunities, and the chance meetings that turned out to be lifelong associations are instances of the Universe pulling the strings to take you closer to your goals. All those gut feelings that saved you from trouble are signs that the Universe has your back.

When you love yourself, you do what the Universe wants you to do. You raise your vibrations to match the higher frequencies of the Universe.

Lesson: Believe that you deserve unconditional love. Believe that the Universe loves you.

2. Self-love makes you compassionate, less critical, and more accepting.

When you accept your faults and are okay with being less-than-perfect, you also become more accepting of other people’s shortcomings. When you switch off the fault-finding mode, you discover the goodness in people. You are less critical and more tolerant, which makes you a person others want to be around with.

When you are comfortable in your own skin, you let others be their real selves around you. So people break down their walls when they are around you. Your relationships improve, and you attract love in your life.

Lesson: You are loved anyway. Love back unconditionally.

3. Self-love makes you bold and unafraid to innovate.

Innovation takes courage. It takes a stout heart to defy conventions and swim against the tide. It takes a tough mind to not fear failure.

You love yourself, and all of a sudden, what other people think of you doesn’t bother as you as much. You stop fishing for compliments and are no longer ashamed of failing or being labeled a failure. So you are not scared to explore your dreams even if they take you to uncharted territories. You are unafraid to try out new ideas, and innovation eventually opens up a wide world of possibilities.

Lesson: Innovate. Be open to the NEW. Be okay with change.

4. Self-love takes you a step closer to realizing your true potential.

We are here in this world to fulfill our unique destinies. We are never happy until we live our true passions.

When you love yourself, you realize that it is okay to push your agenda and not live to fulfill other people’s dreams. Nor do you feel compelled to fulfill what society expects from you. You feel liberated to search for your life’s purpose, and when you find it, you are not ashamed to pursue it aggressively.

Self-love takes you closer to realizing your true potential. When you answer your soul’s calling, you live authentically and are truly happy. You also inspire others to take up their causes and live their passions.

Lesson: Find your true purpose in life and fulfill it.

5. Self-love makes you take better care of your mind, body, and soul.

Taking care of oneself is not a selfish act. If you are not fit in body and pure of mind, how can you expect to fulfill your potential and lead the way for others?

When you love yourself, you treat yourself well. You eat the right foods, exercise daily, and give up unhealthy habits. You meditate regularly or find some other mind-body relaxation practice to calm your mind and cleanse your soul. You steer clear of toxic people and make sure that you don’t harbor negative thoughts and feelings yourself.

Lesson: Practice healthy living.

6. Self-love makes you resilient.

When you take good care of yourself, you become stronger bodily and tougher mentally.

When you believe that the Universe is watching over you and will love you anyway, you feel protected.

When you follow your life’s purpose, you know that you are doing what you were meant to do. You are on the right path, so if you stumble and fall, you have the courage to get up, pick up the pieces, get your act together once more, and carry on till you reach your goals.

Lesson: Trust your instincts and keep moving.

7. Self-love fills you with PEACE AND positive energy.

Like attracts like.

Self-criticism, feeling unworthy, and trying to please other people because you feel inferior are the surest ways to sabotage your chances of living life to your fullest potential. These negative feelings repel all the goodies that the Universe wants to shower on you, and you end up inviting more negativity in you life.

Self-love fills you with positive energy because loving yourself makes you more compassionate, tolerant, courageous, and authentic. What is more, when you resonate with the Universe’s intentions, your vibrations go up many notches.

Lesson: Nurture positive thoughts and feelings. Do what makes you happy.


Loving yourself DOES NOT mean hating others. On the contrary, by loving yourself, you can teach others how to live fully.

A sick man cannot take care of another person. A diseased mind can only breed and spread negative energy. If you are not at your best, how can you help another person become his best?

Practice self-love and let your powerful aura shine through and light up other lives!