The Alice in Wonderland Effect and How to Escape It

You may meet some strange phenomena during an astral projection. One of the most interesting and common is known as “Alice in wonderland effect”. Practically all astral travelers face it at certain point of their astral experience, no matter if they are beginners or masters of AP. Consequently, one should be familiar all possible “tricks” the astral dimension can produce in order to properly understand and deal with them. We will try to explain this effect as simpler as possible.

Imagine the following: You just had a successful start of an astral projection and you are observing around your room. Suddenly, you are noticing that the door is on the wrong wall? How come? While looking around, you have noticed the door with your rear vision ( it is quite possible!), so it confuses your natural left and right brain vision. Your brain is not able to process this situation because your frontal perspective, for instance the position of the windows, furniture, and pictures, are normal. Nevertheless, the perspective behind you is reversed.

Where is the Real Door?

This situation “tricks” your subconscious mind into “creating” the door where it should be. When you look at the door, it seems completely real, butyou know it is on the wrong wall. Once the door has been created, it can’t be uncreated – it simply not acceptable to your conscious mind because it’s logic says that doors are not supposed to vanish in front of your eyes.
Seems very confusing, but it’s not. Let’s go further. When you turn to wall where the door normally should be, you will (surprisingly!) find the door there as normal, so you may have two or more doors where there should only be only one. Now, when you try to fly through the real door, you will find the rest of the house as it should be; if you fly through a false door, your mind simply knows it is false and it won’t accept it opening to a normal part of your house. Now, the finale: If you open this door, you will instantly find yourself somewhere else. It may be a passage or a corridor leading into rooms of some unknown house, for example.

The Power of Subconscious Mind

This is the exact moment when you become Alice in Wonderland. From now, everything is possible, though not quite plausible. Actually, you are entering the astral dimension via some uncontrolled creation, in this case through a false door. Once your subconscious mind starts creating such effects, it will continue to do so at a geometric rate. It is positive because your conscious mind has to accept the unusual situation. At some moment in this virtual vertigo, your subconscious mind may lose it completely and start tuning into other parts of the astral plane. At this moment, all appearance of reality is lost and you usually fade into the astral reality proper.
This is only one variation of how the Alice in Wonderland may occur during AP. Some astral projectors witness that at some point they are loosing control of it. Objects appear, disappear, and virtually everything becomes a bit strange. The Alice in Wonderland effect is caused by triggering the huge creative ability of the subconscious mind. It creates, recreates, and uncreates different phenomena, confusing many beginners.

How to Avoid Being Alice?

However, there is no real danger of it. Here are some advices how to avoid becoming Alice. First, strongly focus on what you are doing while you are performing astral projection. Don’t allow your mind wander, just stay focused. The reversal vision or a perspective issue could be eliminated if you fully focus on your forward vision during the astral projection. In other words, you need to concentrate in one direction at a time. If you turn around, you should observe the room with your front vision, not allowing it to be substituted from one view to another. Everything will work fine.
It is quite possible the above mentioned huge creative power of your subconscious to be generally utilised. It is a precious tool that will offer you spectacular possibilities if you know how to use it. This is why all experienced astral travelers constantly repeat that your control over your mind and emotions is the essential aspect of a successful astral projection.