Entering the Trance State for Astral Projection

After you have attained a deep relaxation and your mind is calm, your body gets very heavy. This means that your brainwaves are changed from Beta to Alpha state. The Alpha state of brain frequency is the door into the required trance state. Nothing unusual or supernatural here. Your body has entered the hypnogogic sleep state while your mind is still awake. This is essential point for a successful astral projection and we will here explain you how to achieve it.

The Falling Effect

After the first relaxation, it is time to calm your mind with a deep breathing exercise. Imagine yourself climbing down a ladder. When you exhale, feel yourself climbing one or two steps down with your imaginary hands; when you inhale, see yourself still holding on the ladder. This will cause a falling (mental) effect in your mind and will help you change your brainwaves from Beta to Alpha or Theta. Keep doing this until you feel your body getting very heavy. Then, stop the mental falling exercise. The timeframe to enter the trance state may vary, depending on your experience.

If you don’t like this exercise, imagine yourself in a lift, and again feel yourself falling while exhaling and holding when inhaling. The falling effect, combined with calmness and deep relaxation is essential for entering the trance. Experiment with using any other subject that is appropriate to produce this effect.

A trance state itself feels like everything around gets quieter and you feel like being inside a much bigger space. You will sense a slight humming in your body; everything will feel different. Sometimes, it looks like putting a cardboard box over your head. The whole atmosphere is changing; everything goes fuzzy or slightly blurred. During this period, any sharp noise may feel like a physical blow to your solar plexus.

The Trance Itself

The deepness of trance depends on your concentration and relaxation, as well as on your will power. The deep trance means to enter the Theta level (as we are in a deep sleep). To perform this, you have to do more and longer focus upon the mental falling process. The first level of trance, when your body gets heavy, is enough to astral project and there is no need to go deeper.

Here are all the “symptoms” of a deep state of trance:

• Unpleasant feeling of coldness that will not make you shiver, accompanied with a loss of body heat.
• Mentally, you feel very strange as everything around becomes extremely slow. Your thoughts also slow down as if you got a strong anesthetic.
• A sense of separation from your body. You are not being able to feel your body. A strong floating feeling. Everything seems far away.
• You physical body is practically paralyzed.

Remember not to mix the mild floating sensation with the light trance, i.e when your astral body gets loose. The deep trance is uncomfortable and you can’t miss it. You need highly mastered relaxation and concentration skills, plus lots of mental energy to enter the deep trance state. It can’t be achieved accidentally.

If you worry about going into a too deep state of trance, remember that you can pull yourself out at any moment. Concentrate on moving your toes or fingers. Once you move some of them, move your hands, then your arms, shake your head, and reanimate your whole body. Get up and walk around for two minutes.
The human mind mind is extremely powerful and contains huge unexplored resources. It can do everything you imagine. It is limitless. All this is only possible if you are well trained, disciplined and highly motivated. Astral projection is a natural ability and you just need to develop it using proper techniques.