If You Can’t Do Big Things, Do Small Things.

If you can’t do big things, do small things.

We are quick to idolise the big things in life because they are obvious, they stand out in a sea of noise.

The big things make good stories, they feed the idea that leaps of evolution come in a second, with little in between.

We respond to the big things, it ignites the awareness of what we want in the future.

But sometimes the big things seem too far, too hard, too much to carry right now.

Amid the fuel of desire, if you feel like this- let go.

Focus on the small things.

Focus on the easy things.

Focus on the now.

Your big dreams will not go anywhere if you forget about them for a while. It’s ok to let them go for the time being.

The big bucket with the big things and the big steps will always be there.

Pick up a small glass with tiny drops, relax, and focus on small steps.

You have the time, you can have the space, you will have the energy to go big another day.

Do something small, do something easy, or do nothing at all for a while.

You’re allowed, and it will make you better in the future.