Who Inhabits the Astral Realm?

The astral dimension is inhabited by a wide variety of beings. They can appear in a variety of illusory forms. Some of the less intelligent types are animalistic and predatory by nature, similar to animal and insect wildlife in the physical dimension. These not so intelligent, animalistic and negative types can be simply called Astral Wildlife. Although they come from somewhere in or near the astral world, many of them are able to operate in the real time zone. Some of them, unfortunately, seem to enjoy tormenting astral projectors, especially the beginners.

Astral beings can be called non-physical subtle energy life-forms, while Carlos Castaneda correctly named them inorganic beings. Some of them are benevolent and some malevolent. Their intelligence enormously varies. The majority of them has their own agendas and generally do not like being interfered with. Not counting the high level light beings like demigods, spirit masters and angels, if we want to range astral beings we can see them as helpful, occasionally helpful, than playful, neutral and up to mischievous, malicious, nasty and evil.

Conscious and Unconscious Travelers

One can find absolutely everything in the astral dimension which, in some way, can be like an ocean: you will meet fish, octopus dolphins, whales, sharks, crabs, shrimp, jellyfish, turtles, penguins, etc. Some of the ocean beings are friendly, some are harmless, some are harmful when annoyed or disturbed, some are unintentionally harmful, while some are dangerous all the time. You can also find many travelers there, even from very distant regions, found flying, sailing or swimming.

Although many parts of the astral dimension are full of life, it is quite rare to meet some interested beings there, but it can happen occasionally. Each plane and realm has its local inhabitants and they mostly live in specific realms or areas, very often being unaware about any other reality or dimension. They are amazed when faced with some astral traveler. Some other types are well aware of other realms and dimensions, but most of them have no or little patience with projectors and usually ignore them.

You will, of course, occasionally meet up with some other astral travelers like yourself, but most of them are not even aware they are projecting. The awareness and memories of astral projectors from their physical existence seems to greatly vary. Many look like they are dreaming or sleepwalking. Some just go with the flow of their astral life and events. Many of them can be very surprised when it is stressed to them that they can fly and do all other astral abilities.

This variability in awareness can be caused by many factors. Most common are the energetic development and activity, i.e. the power of energy flowing into the projector from his physical or etheric body, and surely whether or not the projector has made a conscious astral projection. The conscious astral projection causes a much greater energy flow into the astral double, which is not a case with the unconscious, sleep projectors.

Nothing Bad Can Happen To You

The crucial thing to know about any inorganic being is that they are not all creations or dream beings from your subconscious mind. They have their own existence, purpose and meaning. They are not just decorations in the astral realm to be used by any astral traveler.

Some astral beings will accept conversation and even encourage and help astral travelers, especially if projectors are positive, sincere, and courteous in their approach. In the astral dimension, like attracts like, so if you are friendly and loving, you are far more likely to meet beings similar to you.

If, however, you meet some malevolent or evil being, first thing you must know is – do not fear! Fear will block your abilities, so the being can make you some troubles. Stay calm and with dignity; whatever it triesto do with you, you can always leave it with only a positive though to travel somewhere else. Or you can return back into your physical body in a part of the second. You can also declare to it, “I am neither with you, nor against you. Leave me alone.” If your will is strong enough, it will soon disappear. Just don’t be frightened. Nothing really bad can happen to you.