Learn to Fail, You’ll Sway the Odds in Your Favour.

Learn to fail, you’ll sway the odds in your favour.

One thing we all have in common is the desire to improve our lives in some way.

Whether you want to live a grand lifestyle, or become a monk who is working towards enlightenment.

The nature of life is to be moving towards something, a journey which is given as a gift.

It’s up to you where you take it, you have been given “choice”.

Creation is the process of inserting care behind intention to mould the world around us (or in us ) through thought and action.

In each moment, there is no absolute path, as there is no absolute you, and there are no absolute rules.

Yet there are only many paths, many “yous”, and many rules.

Creating an experience is about manipulating the probability of an event happening in your favour.

We do this by focus, intention, and action.

At the start of an intention(or goal), the odds could be stacked against you since your reality is already moving in a particular direction.

But since you have the chance each in moment to try again, the random events that were stacked against you will eventually play in your favour if you play enough and try enough.

“Play a game of cards once, and you will probably lose. Play a million times, and you will always eventually win.”

See failure as learning.

Adjust course based on your learning.

Play enough til you eventually win.