Live on the Edge. Find Your Highest Self.

Live on the edge. Find your highest self.

Your best self is rarely found in your comfort zone. As is your highest self rarely found by just being who you are now.

While many may think of “living on the edge” as being something to do with excessive partying, extreme sports, or some other life threatening activity… that’s not what we are talking about here.

I’m talking about you living on your edge… the edge of YOUR comfort zone.

Living on the edge [of your comfort zone] is not about risking your life. It’s about enriching your life.

Each time you find the edge of your comfort zone and go beyond it, life opens up just that little bit more.

You are rewarded in life by growing. By finding YOUR edge, how ever “un-scary” it might seem to others, and going beyond it.

It’s not about what they are doing. Is about what you are doing.

Each of our “edges” are different, but each step we take how ever small beyond it is given back to us in multitudes life’s richness.

You won’t just be able to dream more. You’ll be able to do more, and you’ll be more.

Approach that attractive person and just say hello. Take the first steps to start that new idea of yours. Or simply get on that push bike again (after not being on it for 20 years) and go for a ride… even if you’ll feel safer with a helmet.

You don’t have to push your limits everyday, and yes it might take more energy than you think.

Start small. Make bigger steps with time, and enrich your life day to day.

Life awaits (on your edge).