Overcoming Astral Projection Fears

Nothing can paralyze human activities as fear does. This fundamental emotion, the fear, when strong, may block all functions of the brain, causing total blockage of the consciousness. Fear is the reason for many failures and this is why one old proverb comes to my mind, “Fear only of fear itself.” Robert Monroe considered the founder of the modern approach to the astral projection, once said, “Fear is the greatest barrier to human growth”. He was completely right.

In a deeper soul level fear is the full opposite to Love. These are the two fundamental forces in this universe, the primal dualism. Logically, it is only Love that can overcome fear: when Love rules the ugly face of fear disappears. Fear is a manipulative state of the conscious mind. Buddhists call it “Monkey mind”, where ego prevails, while Osho once said, “Mind is a liar”! Fear acts only on the manipulative, everyday’s surface of your mind and consciousness, while in a deeper level, faced with omnipresent and unconditional, it is powerless.

You Are In Control!

Many fears are related to astral projection and most of them are very strong. Starting with fear of flying or unknown and up to the fear of dying, it all can cause specific problems to an astral projector. In astral realm to think means to be, meaning that we shape the astral environment according to our memories, thoughts, desires, and acts, so it is fundamental to overcome fears while astral projecting.

Fear in your mind and heart will bring you to the lower levels of astral dimension, where sights are not always very pleasurable and where some not benevolent beings reside. Having fear from something specific can cause exactly such specific environment to appear from your fear. The evil feed itself with fears, so your own fears will only make it stronger when faced with.

The most important thing to know is to constantly keep in mind that in astral dimension YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS IN CONTROL! Nothing can harm you as long as you have this control, absolutely nothing! Experienced astral travelers very successful use this control to avoid any unwanted situation, while beginners are those who suffer fears they can’t control. Still, no worries guys – nobody will cut your silver cord. Whatever you are face, you just need to express a strong intention and will to leave the place or to simply return to your physical body. You must not allow the fear to prevail over your common sense and block you. Can you just imagine the power you have with this control over a whole world? Amazing.

Learn Your Fears

You have to learn dealing with your fears of astral projection since the very beginning of your preparations. You have to face reality and admit that you have some fears (as we all have) – it is normal in this dimension as it is normal in astral dimension. I recommend you to read about abilities astral projectors have, to make logical conclusions about everything, and especially to always have in mind that you are in control. Always and everywhere. Learn about all aspects of fear, its physiological, psychological, spiritual and other types of influence over human beings.

Next, develop compassion and love for everyone and everything. I recommend here a special attention to your Heart chakra as center of unconditional love. Meditate, develop it, and imagine how love overwhelms you and makes you radiate pure love. Try to feel love even for some poor beings or persons whose evil behavior is a result of lack of love. When faced with some you may just say “I love you” from your heart. It will vanish.

Finally, no matter how much love you have or how strongly you control your fears, escape being a “crazy hero”. Be careful instead, there are many manipulators in astral realm. Fear can have many faces. It may sound paradoxically, but it is good to keep a bit of fear in order to keep a constant awareness for the environment. And again – never ever allow fear to prevail you because it will mean that the evil overcome love, which is something we can not allow.

You are the one who is in control!