Why is Proper Breathing so Important While Astral Projecting?

Proper breathing is the key element for achieving a state of deep relaxation. It is a “must do” state if you wish to reach the transitional state of vibration of your astral body after which its separation from your physical body happens. Numerous positive effects over the mind-body-soul system are caused by a deep, slow, and rhythmic breathing. We put here most of its positive effects concerning astral projection.

1. Relaxation of the body. Deeper, slower, and rhythmic breathing calms all organic activities, balances the blood pressure, while opening the energetic centers. Every single cell of your organism is positively influenced and the whole body will be relaxes and gets sensitive to the silence around. Some authors claim that in some phases the breathing process is performed by whole body, through skin and organs. However, after first five minutes of deep breathing, as the body increasingly relaxes, the breathing rhythm gets shorter. This means that if you were breathing with the stomach at the beginning, at the pick of the relaxation process you will have the feeling that process occurs only inside your nostrils. You are practically not aware that you breathe.

2. Relaxation of the mind. The relaxation breathing rhythm helps your brain calm down all other activities, reaching states of lower vibrations and frequencies, i.e. Alpha, Delta, or even Theta. This causes your body to get asleep, while your mind opens the door for your subconscious. It is the “place” where everything related to astral projection happens. With other words, a proper breathing technique is essential for achieving the so-called hypnogogic state of being. It is the situation state when your astral body enters the vibrational state, i.e. begins the separation from your physical body. Everything is connected.

3. Focus & concentration. During practicing proven breathing technique you need to focus on breathing itself. Follow its flow throughout your body and your mind will stay out of the mental noise and unwanted thoughts that may block you from achieving a relaxed state. Focus even upon the sound of breathing. We stress again: It is essential to be concentrated on your breathe. Each time your concentration fails, you have to re-focus on breathing. After some time, as the breathing fulfills its task, you will lose the feeling of focus and concentration and you will enter the trans-like state, where some other phenomena occur.

4. Entering “prana”. Ancient techniques of meditation and astral projection teach us that deep inhaling through nostrils helps us enter the “life energy” or “prana” inside our organism. The prana supports the expansion of the conscious and subconscious mind. Through your nostrils, the “prana” flows into two main energetic channels and, consequently, into all energetic centers/chakras.

5. Stimulation of Chakras. As you know, mastering astral projection is strongly connected with your chakras activation. The proper breathing is your path to your chakras. They are attached to the spine and main energetic channels. By focusing on them while breathing, i.e. by visualizing and sensing how your breathe and prana reaches each of your seven main chakras, you will activate them, especially the higher chakras (heart, throat, third eye chakra, and the crown chakra) that are directly connected with the expansion of your conscious and subconscious. After affecting your etheric body through chakras (being its “organs”), the next effect of your proper breathing will be to move your astral body. You can’t achieve the vibrational state of your astral body without activating your chakras.

There are many breathing techniques available. You can choose which one works for you best. Is it the 4-4-4 rhythm, or 4-2-4, or 6-4-6, you have to find yourself. Remember to breathe through nostrils and to keep the rhythm regular for the first 5 minutes. Breathing is the core issue of the whole process. If you perform a well controlled breathing process it will be far easier for you to reach other states of being and achieve the so much wanted separation of your sublime astral body and finally breathe the “air” of the astral dimension.