If You Can’t Do Big Things, Do Small Things.

If you can’t do big things, do small things. We are quick to idolise the big things in life because they are obvious, they stand out in a sea of noise. The big things make good stories, they feed the idea that leaps of evolution come in a second, with little in between. We respond to the big things, it … Read More

Take Small Steps, Towards Big Things.

Take Small Steps, Towards Big Things. Each day you have the chance to create something amazing, for yourself, your loved ones, or the world. It’s ok to want things, to have an experience, to make the most of your life. Some goals we may never achieve, but many we will. Be rest assured, that the more you practice creating your … Read More

Live on the Edge. Find Your Highest Self.

Live on the edge. Find your highest self. Your best self is rarely found in your comfort zone. As is your highest self rarely found by just being who you are now. While many may think of “living on the edge” as being something to do with excessive partying, extreme sports, or some other life threatening activity… that’s not what … Read More

Take a Break: You’ll Be More Successful

Take a break. You need it. You deserve it. And you’ll be more successful when it’s time to get back to it. If you’re working hard, and you’re not making progress… maybe it’s time to stop. Stop overworking. Stop trying to fit in 10 activities into one day. Stop watching TV. Stop Social media. Stop shopping for junk. Stop going … Read More

It’s Your Life. What Will it Be?

Is Astral Projection Real?

It’s Your Life. What Will it Be? Life is passing you by. What will you do. What will you be? Do the people around you need you? Does the world need you? Do you need you to be you? The answer is yes. But. What will you do. What will you be? There are no right or wrong answers. There … Read More