Spirituality, a Definition in 2016 and Beyond.

Spirituality, a Definition in 2016 and Beyond. Spirituality by Definition seems to be quite a vague subject, and rightly so. Spirituality is not a tangible object that can be seen nor touched. Neither is it the rituals or ceremonies that accompany the numerous spiritual beliefs or dogmas. It’s simply an idea. And idea that can be unique and diverse as … Read More

Is Astral Projection Dangerous?

Is Astral Projection Dangerous

  “ Is Astral Projection Dangerous? ” Was the first ( and most burning ) question I had when learning about Out of Body Experiences. So if you’ve got this don’t worry, you’re not alone. So…. Is Astral Projection Dangerous? The short answer is no. I’ve personally done it thousands of times, and if you listen to other experienced projectors … Read More

Learn to Fail, You’ll Sway the Odds in Your Favour.

Learn to fail, you’ll sway the odds in your favour. One thing we all have in common is the desire to improve our lives in some way. Whether you want to live a grand lifestyle, or become a monk who is working towards enlightenment. The nature of life is to be moving towards something, a journey which is given as … Read More

Believe in Yourself. You Are Better than You Think.

Believe in yourself. You are better than you think and others are not as good as you are told. It’s not about you proclaiming supremacy over others. Or showing the world that you can be “good too”. It’s about getting out of your own way, and having a go. To find yourself. To actualize the divine creative force that’s inside … Read More