Do You Have Hidden Super Powers?

Do you have hidden super powers and don’t know it? For thousands of years, religion and spiritual beliefs from cultures all over the world have pointed to the idea that there is more to life than just the physical dimension. The idea of having a “spirit” or “soul” of some kind is prevalent among all of them. It seems only in … Read More

The 4 Biggest Obstacles You Have When Learning Astral Travel

Once you have decided to learn how to astral travel, or have an out of body experience, you will inevitably be faced with a series of challenges along your path to mastery. It will force you to grow, and to take control of your mind and body. It will be as much of journey of personal development as one of … Read More

3 Tools You Can Use To “Hack” Having An Astral Projection

Learning Astral Projection isn’t an easy task.  It takes an internal mastery, which doesn’t come naturally to most people. This is why I believe the majority of people don’t understand it or believe in it. It’s also why it has been the stomping ground of mythical masters and psychics for generations. But after a thousand or so Astral projections myself, … Read More

Binaural Tones, Brainwave Entraiment and Astral

Astral projection becomes increasingly popular among many people willing to experience something fantastic. The science of astral projection, let us name it like this, evolves and offers new experiences, possibilities, methods, and techniques for successful astral travels. As the process of astral projection is closely related to the state of our brain, some new technologies are used to stimulate our … Read More

Entering the Trance State for Astral Projection

After you have attained a deep relaxation and your mind is calm, your body gets very heavy. This means that your brainwaves are changed from Beta to Alpha state. The Alpha state of brain frequency is the door into the required trance state. Nothing unusual or supernatural here. Your body has entered the hypnogogic sleep state while your mind is … Read More